Tiziana Fejzullaj

In her paintings, Tiziana Fejzullaj focuses on the mysterious nature of the human figure. Working in oils and acrylics on canvas, she creates images of women and men in which her bold take on color, texture, and composition turns that essential mystery into something thoroughly compelling. Tiziana does not depend on faces to give each subject a distinctive mood and personality. Rather, she tells her stories through the positioning of the body, the lines used to depict it, and backgrounds that range from dense patterns of drips and energetic brushstrokes to fields of solid color. She mainly uses the human figure as subject, which is mysterious in its nature. It is not just a face to a body, it is about the body itself conveying the beauty it has. Sometimes rendering muscles and skin in vivid detail, and at others showing the human figure as an exercise in pure form, Tiziana unifies her works through a sharp ability to capture the body’s proportions and poses, and a constant awareness of the mix of male and female energies within each figure. She uses the female figure as inspiration in most of her creations, and she often uses the male figure to challenge the traditional objectification of women. Tiziana loves the mystique and the female instinct inside men. When combined with her striking color palette, the result is a dynamic, varied world with a powerful physical presence. Tiziana was born in Albania. She studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana University, and she received her Master’s in Fine Arts from University of Prishtina, Kosova. Tiziana Fejzullaj lives and works in New York City. Less

Master degree in Painting Faculty of Arts Prishtine, Kosova

2006 Academy of Fine Arts Tirana, Albania

B.A. in Painting
Awarded title of Painter


Emerging Visions
December 29 - January 14, 2016 Agora Gallery, NYC

Mélange of Milieu
June 14 - July 5, 2016 Agora Gallery, NYC

2014 – Exhibition with various local artists
2013 – Artistic colony
2012 – Artistic colony
2011 – Artistic colony
2010 – Art Laboratories in various schools in Vlore, Berat, Fier and Lushnje. Organized
under the project “Two people, one sea, one friendship” and sponsored by the Italian Consulate in Vlore
2010 – Acquire the space
2010 – The Wall after Berlin
2010 – Between Europe and myself
2009 – Kosova the New Born (awarded the best composition)
2009 – AIITC Award 2009
2009 – Autumn 2009
2008 – “Edward Lear” gallery in Berat
2008 – Autumn 2008
2008 – 28-29 November exhibition
2007 – Meeting Arts Italy-Albania (organized by the Italian consulate in Vlore)
2006 – Workshop exhibition organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin
2006 – Workshop exhibition organized in collaboration with Sisley Xhafa, Tirane