Helge Nagel (helge Van Der Este)

Helge Nagel (Helge van der Este)

Location: Germany

My name as Artist is : Helge van der Este
I was born in 1938 in Hamburg /Germany
After a childhood during World War II and the hard postwartime
I had a nice youth in the prosperiting Germany
My first skulpture I found in the forest in the USA in 1963. A small piece of wood formed by nature.
After a life as teacher ,when I retired I started my career as artist .-I like playing with material like wood steel and stone.
My art is finding something special and to dig out a form .
like Michelangelo said already : The statue is already in the marble .we only have to dig it out !
Using my phantasie ,my imagination and inspiration.
Therefore my motto is : Seen--Collected --Worked-out
I had a lot of exhibitions here in northern Germany and I am member of Sculpture Network


2008 Orangerie Glücksburg gemeinsam mit: Hannah Hütten
Sabine Helgeson
Karen Ringeling

2009+ Jork - Museum Altes Land gemeinsam mit: Hannah Hütten

2011 Galerie an der B 73 gemeinsam mit: Hannah Hütten
Wolf Reinke

2012 Jork – Museum Altes Land gemeinsam mit: Harald Schulz
Hannah Hütten

2013 Kunstpunkt Stade gemeinsam mit: Harald Schulz
Siegfried Volkmann

2014 Villa Issendorf (Himmelpforten) gemeinsam mit: Roswitha Precht
Hannah Hütten
Siegfried Volkmann

2015 Mühle Malstedt Kunstwerkstatt Tina Abich
2016 Gemeinschaftsausstellungen Siegfried Krön
2017 Gerd Rehpenning
2018 Peter Glaßmeyer
Roswitha Precht
Ralf Schiefbahn