Leticia Bernadac

Leticia Bernadac was born and raised in Durango, Mexico.She had a keen interest in drawing from a young age, often entering art competitions and making drawings for the schools she attended. Bernadac moved to Finland in 1988 and graduated in Business Administration from the Helsinki School of Economics. Thereafter, she moved to several countries with her husband before coming to the USA in 1998. Settled in Georgia, Bernadac began to retake art classes and workshops around metro Atlanta. Having the courage to do what was meaningful to her, she moved back to Finland where she graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts E. Repin in Kotka Finland in 2011.
Bernadac's love of nature and exciting colors are seen in her paintings. she has a simple classical approach of painting; her work combines a graceful use of color and brush strokes, using the traditional method such as the glazing technique in combination with the palette knife. Her artworks are in the mediums in oil, watercolor, pastel/charcoal and encaustic. She executes compositions rich in very fine detail in the subjects seen in her portraits, landscapes, and still-life'.
More info: www.LeticiaBernadacArt.com
Contact: leticiabernadacstudio@gmail.com
Contact 678-951-2241
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Oils in different subjects

Pure Radiance “Pure Radiance”

48x36 on gallery wrapped canvas

Tempest “Tempest”

48x36 on gallery wrapped canvas

Delightful Peonies “Delightful Peonies”

24x48 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Enlightenment “Enlightenment”

40x30 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Sailing Away “Sailing Away”

40x30 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Atlanta I “Atlanta I”

36x48 oil on gallery wrapped canvas