Marie-france Rouleau

Marie-France Rouleau

Location: Canada

An intuitive and spontaneous contemporary painting in which great emphasis is put on colors and movement. In fact, color has become a driving force in my creation as if an explosion occurs between my palette and my enthusiasm.

A painting often starts with a burst born of instinct and no precise image in mind. I prefer acrylic now because this medium permits me to work very quickly. From the first washes of paint applied with a large brush, to the last firm, smaller brush-strokes, I am constantly reworking forms and colours until I am satisfied with the result. I create according to my mood, on impulse, even to completely changing the theme or the colours as I work.

I take my inspiration from what I see in human beings, from what I hear in music, from what I feel in nature and especially from what I imagine.

I work alone in my studio, accompanied by music and by daily introspection, experimentation and production.

Member of the Biennial Repertory of Canadian Artists since 2003.