Terence Lambert


I am a British artist whose work is a dark blend of illustration, digital art and fine art. I draw, paint and create digital images that explore perception and representation.

I have a spontaneous style of drawing, using expressive, aggressive and subtle lines to sculpt form. The dialogue between analogue and digital forms of media is one that inspires my work and allows me to create it in a contemporary way.

The layers of broken narrative and inspiration stems from social issues, relations and interactions. Main themes of beauty, melancholy, isolation and anxiety run throughout my work. The emphasis is on intangible atmosphere and artificiality.

​The work attempts to communicate cohesion through our separateness. Exposing our collective experiences, fears and joys.



Personal artwork

Ascension “Ascension”

line drawing. A face evaporating in light

Digital fog “Digital fog”

Face lost in text

Look “Look”

Portrait of a woman