As a young boy growing up in Queens NY an outlet was needed for me to keep myself busy. Besides sports ,something else was missing and that was drawing. So the beginning stages was the so called "Urban" art form of graffiti. From that my passion grew into wanting to learn more besides pens, markers and spray cans. Attending the School of Visual Arts grounded me in learning true techniques' of painting with a brush and found my calling.
Over the years I have learned and grown as an artist. To paint what I believe will make myself and others visually happy.


New Works

THe Bluseman “THe Bluseman”

acrylic on canvas
42 x 26

Remembering What once was “Remembering What once was”

Acrylic on canvas
32 x 32

Ravage “Ravage”

Acrylic on canvas
24 x 32

The Breakup “The Breakup”

Acrylic on wood board
45 x 22

Posing “Posing”

Acrylic on Canvas
26 x 23

Loungin “Loungin”

Acrylic on Canvas
23 x 16

Celestial Being “Celestial Being”

Acrylic on canvas
32 x 42

Lifes' Flower “Lifes' Flower”

Acrylic on canvas
25 x 44 1/2

Two Stand Tall “Two Stand Tall”

Acrylic on canvas
32 x 48

The Winds Kiss “The Winds Kiss”

Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 48