Nicolas James Avet

 I live in Houma, a small city about 50 miles south of New Orleans. My inspiration to paint comes from artists such as Bob Ross, Kevin Hill, and Thomas Kinkaide, and also the beauty of nature, and I strive to create paintings reflecting nature's beauty that my audience can appreciate. I love to use color and light values to reflect a sense of warmth, peace, serenity in my artwork


Nicolas James Avet Paintings

Most of the artwork throughout my portfolio reflects my passion for conveying the beautiful and tranquil wetland and wildlife scenery of south louisiana. In many of my swamp scenes, I strive to take my audience's breath away with the golden sunsets, vibrant color, rustic texture, and a sense of serenity. I want the viewers to feel like for a moment, they can escape into a world that is simple, more peaceful, and relaxing.

God Bless Louisiana “God Bless Louisiana”

Oil painting on 16x20 canvas

Bar Room Brawl “Bar Room Brawl”

Acrylic on canvas board

Tequila Sunrise “Tequila Sunrise”

Oil painting of a golden sunrise over a cypress swamp scene

Our Christmas Miracle “Our Christmas Miracle”

Oil painting of the nativity scene