Dexter Baño

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L'amore di una madre “L'amore di una madre”

By Dexter P. Baño
* 24x24 Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Canvas
* Date Finished: December 22, 2016
* About: This is the first artwork made by Dexter P. Baño. It is about the suffering of Mother Mary during the death of her Son Jesus Christ.

At the upper part of the painting, there are two angels looking down at the corpse of the Messiah. The angel at the left is "Naked" which reflects a person when he/she commits a sin and the angel at the right is "Clothed" which symbolizes the endless grace and love of God.

You can see Mary carrying her son Jesus Christ after He was retrieved from the Cross. At the bottom part of the artwork is a bowl (symbolizes our continuous acceptance of the mercy of God), a jar (symbolizes the vessel of devotion), the crown of thorns, a piece of white cloth (for the purity of Mary) and a scripture (signifies the fulfillment of the God's promise).

The black background is for the sorrows of Mary while the flames around them is for the flaming love of Mary to Jesus.

Mind Crosses “Mind Crosses”

This is a digital paint that explains my deep thoughts and emotions.