Orit Fuchs

Orit Fuchs

Location: Israel

Orit Fuchs lives and works in Tel Aviv, where she creates across a full range of mediums, as sculpture, painting, typography, graphic design, illustration, knitting, photography and more. During her career, Orit worked as an art director in the leading advertising agencies in Israel.
After some intriguing years and turning into a mom, she decided to quit her career in favor of her kids. Versatility and creativity definitely define Orit Fuchs.

With an unquenchable desire to create, Orit established a successful brand for children's clothing and bags that were sold in high end boutiques, in Israel and abroad. A line of fashionable diaper bags, which she named after her firstborn Alma, was an item that took the toddler market by storm and quickly evolved into a high brand for girls’ fashion in Israel and abroad.

With three kids at home and a career in advertising and fashion behind her, Orit began to paint. Her quest and thirst for in depth knowledge on art, brought her the desire to learn from numerous artists from multiple disciplines and then led her to take elective courses at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design.
Orit grew and matured, as she felt ready to open up to the world.

Orit's art work takes place inside a studio in a big industrial building at the south side of the city, an area where she often finds inspiration at every corner…from the carpentry to light industry, machinery and garbage – everything is part of the story. Abandoned objects are gathered from the streets and reconnected to create colorful works with new lives. Bright outstanding colors define her work, momentarily lapse of reality into an imaginary world. This process allows her spontaneity and intensity, to make conscious and unconscious choices throughout the work. Orit feels that she was destined to become an artist. She creates from a place of passion and basic instinct, Love is a main theme in her art. It is the beginning and end, the bond that holds everything together.

Orit's art is inspired by life's little moments that often hit us when we least expect it. The outcome could be anything, art created by a newly discovered freedom, unhindered by any particular artistic language or style.  Strong women are often the subject of her work, sensitive, independent and replete with humor – yet ever awakening and biting with vitality.
Please visit my website https/:oritfuchs.com