Ronit Meiri Peled

Ronit Meiri Peled

Location: Israel

I consider myself as a multidisciplinary artist. I come from the world of Graphic design, Animation and visual art.
I deal with art ever since I can remember myself.
I mostly paint with acrylic and oil pastels.
I do not limit myself to a certain style and my work is diverse. I like to challenge myself all the time.
I don't plan ahead. I paint freely and improvise a lot with music. My work of art changes several times until it reaches its final result.

I paint with a lot of passion and try to paint on a daily basis. I love creating art. As far as i concern, A day without creation, it is a wasted day.
You can watch my video clips on Youtube :,uid_WHFiIQABcW0KFFDJhQbIDQ_0:0


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