Gabriel David Coelho

Gabriel David Coelho

Location: Portugal

Gabriel Ramos David Coelho (Lisbon, 1958)
Artistic activity since 1976 in many fields: ceramics, painting, illustration, cartoons, performance art, wodeen toys, puppet theater, and poetry writing.
Painting exibitions since 1983 in Portugal. Sells directly any artworks and is open to new projects and orders.
Presently is developing a project called 'Espada Encantada' with Maria JĂșlia Brites Pereira in medieval faires. This project includes cartoon publication for kids, wooden toys, fantastic swords, arcs and crossbowns to play with and decoration for kids, teens and adults.
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Here same paintings ive done last year. Any order or new idea please dont hesitate and contact me for my mail. My prices are fantastic and im very fast doing my work.

dragon “dragon”

Acrylic on canvas.

Quiet Landscape With Mushrooms “Quiet Landscape With Mushrooms”

Painting - Acrilic On Paperboard

Natur`s brother “Natur`s brother”

in the nature, everywhere, there are fantastic things living around... This painting is made in acrylic on paper of quality

da Gama Dream “da Gama Dream”

da Gama dream, with their litle caravels, always a very portuguese theme. In this canvas board my painting returns to History.
its made in acrylic on canvas


Here are same drawings . You can buy them directly and also order a print of them by a nice price. If you wont to use them in your dynamic panels or other media or digital suport, I can license it for this.

untitled “untitled”

this is a study for a comic charecter made
around 80`

untitled “untitled”

one versiton of girl with skull on feet ; 11.700 x 8.300 inches

Family “Family”

Drawing - Mixed Techniques On Paper;
11.700 x 8.300 inches

Lonelyness “Lonelyness”

8.300 x 5.800 inches
Drawing - Ink And Graphite on paper