Ron Robidoux

Born in Toronto, Canada, Ron Robidoux pursued his education at the San Francisco Institute of Art, and later became a US citizen. Robidoux’s résumé is a long testament to his love of art: first working in an art supply store, he moved to art sales, then graphic design, which led him to his current occupation as a full-time artist. Robidoux travels extensively, always remembering to pack his brushes. “The difference of light in a place like central Italy compared to, let’s say, southern England is very exciting to me,” he says.
Robidoux paints with watercolors, turning the natural scenes he loves into expressions of joy. His paintings are a haven from the unhappiness of the wider world: a place of purity that his viewers can enjoy. Painted with natural greens, browns, and blues, Robidoux’s subjects, which range from isolated buildings to figures, exhibit an almost lonely calmness that pulls the viewer into each scene. For Robidoux, art is a means of communicating feelings. “If you can make that connection with someone,” he says, “it feels great.”


Ron Robidoux

Impressionist painters strive to capture an initial "impression" of an outdoor scene or other images. Unlike history painters, impressionists work rapidly to capture shifting light and reflections. Impressionism often appears sketchy or unfinished compared to the more smoothly finished works of the classical French tradition. This sketchiness serves the purpose of communicating the liveliness and spontaneity of a scene.

A Summers Day “A Summers Day”

Water Color on Paper, 18"X24"

Homerstead “Homerstead”

Water Color on Paper 24"X30"

After The Dance “After The Dance”

Water Color on Paper, 24"X30"

Blue Water “Blue Water”

Water Color on Paper, 30"X24"

High Plains Silo “High Plains Silo”

Water Color on Paper, 18"X24"

Boy in Straw Hat “Boy in Straw Hat”

Oil Painting on Canvas, 18"X24"

On The Run “On The Run”

Water Color on Paper, 30"X24"

Long Walk Home “Long Walk Home”

Oil Painting on Canvas, 16"X20"