Pertti Matikainen

Pertti Matikainen

Location: Finland

Finnish autodidact/self taught/-educated painter and photographer. Lives in Helsinki. Born in 1967. Written a book in Finnish 2017: Taidekirja(ko) - kirja taiteen tekemisen jäljillä olemisesta. Available in Amazon. Freely in English: Art Book? - A Book After Making Art. There are no pictures on cover, but inside there are them a lot. If I someday learn enough English, I'll translate it in English. There might were already one or more failure in my text here.

Paints and draws typically pure and repsesentative abstract and surreal as well minimal art which is not depending of time or place (I typically don't paint or draw anything human made things) , and is some how within high feelings, emotions and spirituals (not religional). Some works are known as surreal with weird style and forms.
If I would made same kind of works year after year, I Would be bored, so I try to be variable. I do not usually prodccuce long serials same kind of works (but at this moment quick abstract imaginary faces). There are some themes I go back then and now. I don't want to limit myself. There are no exact borders in my art, but I often have to be very near madness. I believe that I can't create anything great from normality.
I'm not sure where am I going within my art, but I hope I'm going to be better anyway year after year.

Several long period solo exhibitions in local pubs between 2003-2008 (Sam's Music Bar and Rata Pub were in Itäkeskus) here in Helsinki, Finland. Group exhibition in Colorida Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal in 2013. Other group exhibitions with Itä-Helsinki Art Club in Vuotalo Gallery 2015, Stoa Gallery 2016, Villa Tomtebo 2017 and October 2017 in Vuotalo, 2018 Stoa,Gallery. all these in Helsinki. AFIAP.

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist" (Picasso)

Take a closer look onto my drawings and paintings. They might look poorly out, but I'm better and more creative than ever. I don't want to limit myself. It is better there are no borders in my art... I'm repeating myself... Never knows what is coming up. Art is a great adventure where we are explorers.
"You don't need to know what to do. You need to understand what you are doing." (Can you see the difference).

It looks I've been silent a moment, and you're right. I broke my hand, and needed a break..., but I'm back here and everywhere. I've drawed anyway already in this year more than whole last year, and I'll continue, because I still don't see any borders, only limitations with condition and healthy...

Don't limit me, because I don't do that either...You'll never know what's coming, me neither... :-) I'm explorer, observer, and try to do new things, with old method... the result is old shit, in new packet, I hope...or something like that...see you later...

December 15.-happened an accident. I fallen and get bleeding brains, so my art is done for a while. I shall continue soon, but getting it higher levels takes time. Maybe years, if never happens. I try anyway.,,,,,

I don't-want be an injured artist, I want to be an artist-.
Handicupped for rest of life, but art goes on anyway. Maybe I publish some of them later too.
I am mot leaning on old ones, and publish in future mostly or only after accident made things. Over a year has gone and it quite okay already and going better all the time. I am no good at anything else but art, anymore. Or ever been. But I get it excellent. There are not came colorful so much, but today again (28th March) a few, which are drying. My life is not done, and my art is not done. Though I am om pension now. Pension is quarantee for a some gaming money for art. Because without high sales this is expensive. And you have to pay learning money.

More information:
Tel. +358 45 657 1837


Paper Works


Dance “Dance”

Mixed technique, 2002, sold

Torso “Torso”

Pastel, 2016

Untitled “Untitled”

Pastel, 2016

Smile “Smile”

Charcoal, 2016, 42x29,7 cm

Eye “Eye”

Charcoal, 29,7x42 cm, 2003, sold

Speed “Speed”

Pastel, 1997

Swimming “Swimming”

pastels, 1996, location unknown

Rock Symphony Pt 1 “Rock Symphony Pt 1”

Ball point pen, 1999, sold

Pictures of Depression “Pictures of Depression”

Mixed technique, 42x29,7 cm, 2002

Diptych “Diptych”

Wax color, gouache 42x29,7 cm, 2002, sold

Lines “Lines”

Mixed technique, 2003, sold

Fall “Fall”

Pastels, 2003, sold

Laika “Laika”

Charcoal, pastel, 2003

Versot “Versot”

Wax color, water color

040823 “040823”

Pastel, 2004

Stormbringer “Stormbringer”

Mixed technique, 2002

Lines 030325 “Lines 030325”

Pastel, watercolor, 2003

Form Increasing “Form Increasing”

Pastel, watercolor, 2001?

From Rock Symphony serie “From Rock Symphony serie”

Ball point pen, 1999-2000

Manic Landscape “Manic Landscape”

Gouache, 1996, sold

Mask of Shaman Tyrant “Mask of Shaman Tyrant”

Watercolor, -pen, 2003, sold

Strokes with Eyes “Strokes with Eyes”

Watercolor, pastel, 2003

Legs “Legs”

1996, disappeared

Flegmatic “Flegmatic”

Pastel, 1996

On the Beach “On the Beach”

Pencil, 1992, location unknown, but given to a Mikko years ago

ExStacy “ExStacy”

Pencil, 1992

Torso “Torso”

Charcoal, 1999?

Freak “Freak”

Charcoal, 1997

Yellow “Yellow”

Pastel on watercolor, 2017

A drawing “A drawing”

A drawing without using model or photo, 2017

Never Again “Never Again”

Mixed technique, 1996

Pink for the Day “Pink for the Day”

Charcoal, pastel, 2017

Geronimo “Geronimo”

Charcoal, pastel, 2017

Human Vegetable “Human Vegetable”

Charcoal, acrylic, oil pastel, 2017

Machine Head “Machine Head”

Charxoal, acrylic, oil pastel, 2017

BoneHead “BoneHead”

Charcoal, acrylic, oil pastel, 2017

Always Brain Damaged “Always Brain Damaged”

Made at recovering time on 201 9-fall, but I am not recovering fully ever. Mixed media. And one of five the first colorful after accident.

The Right side of Life “The Right side of Life”

One of the first colorful after accident, mixed media, 29x42 cm

B&W and Markers (also with colors) 2018----

Black and white + Marker art from 2018- into future

Elämä on - Life Is “Elämä on - Life Is”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

A Day to Remember “A Day to Remember”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Because You... “Because You...”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Vibes “Vibes”

29,5x21, marker, 2018

Weird Things Happen “Weird Things Happen”

29,5x21, marker, 2018

Abstract 180514 “Abstract 180514”

Marker, 21x15 (A5), 2018

NoNameYet “NoNameYet”

29,5x21, marker, 2018

No Fake “No Fake”

Marker, 2018

Marianne “Marianne”

29,5x21, marker, 2018

Wonder Person “Wonder Person ”

29,5x21 cm, marker, 2018

Lines “Lines”

Marker, 29,5x21, ,2018

Red Line “Red Line”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Forgiven Sins “Forgiven Sins”

Market, 29,5x21,2018

Black Rain “Black Rain”

Marker, 2018

Wise Man “Wise Man”

Marker, 2018

Remember the Truth “Remember the Truth”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Eyes widely Open “Eyes widely Open”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Shit Talker “Shit Talker”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Tick tack “Tick tack”

Marker, 21x29,5, 2018

Mindmap “Mindmap”

29,5x42, marker, 2018

Untitled “Untitled”

Marker, 2018

Holy “Holy”

Marker, 21x15, 2018

Different Normality “Different Normality”

Marker on marker paper, 42x29,5, 2018

Confused “Confused”

42x29,5, marker, 2018

The Artse “The Artse”

Marker, 21x15, 2018

Improvisation “Improvisation”

Marker, 21x15, 2018

Pittura Nervosa 5 “Pittura Nervosa 5”

Marker, 33x26, 2018

Pittura Nervosa 7 “Pittura Nervosa 7”

Marker, 33x26, 2018

A Fish “A Fish”

Marker, 21x29,5, 2018

A Fish, abstractly “A Fish, abstractly”

Marker, 21x29,5, 2018

A Group “A Group”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Black Angel Torso “Black Angel Torso”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Glory Glory Hallelujah “Glory Glory Hallelujah”

Maeårker, 29,5x21, 2018

Torso “Torso”

29,5x21, marker, 2018

That Is the.. “That Is the..”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Heavy Duty Free “Heavy Duty Free”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

A Momument for D-User “A Momument for D-User”

29,5x21, marker, 2018

Eagerly Towards “Eagerly Towards”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Restless Energy 8 “Restless Energy 8”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Bloody Mary Man “Bloody Mary Man”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Restless Energy 7 “Restless Energy 7”

Marker, 29,4~5x21, 2018

Restless Energy 13 “Restless Energy 13”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Restless Energy 4 “Restless Energy 4”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Practising “Practising”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

The Door “The Door”

marker, 29,5x21, 2018

In the Beginning “In the Beginning”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Grumpy Marker 11 “Grumpy Marker 11”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Grumpy Marker 10 “Grumpy Marker 10”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Grumpy Marker 3 “Grumpy Marker 3”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Grumpy Marker 5 “Grumpy Marker 5”

Marker, 29,5x21, 2018

Jasmiina “Jasmiina”

Marker, 29,5x21 cm

Heavy Duty Free “Heavy Duty Free”

Marker, 29,5x21 cm

Hesitating “Hesitating”

M öarker, 29,5x21 cm

2018 “2018”

Marker, brush pen, 21x15 cm

Focusing “Focusing”

2018, marker, 29,5x21 cm

Untitled at the Moment “Untitled at the Moment”

42x29,5 cm, marker, 2018

A Valley “A Valley”

2018, marker, 29,5x21 cm

Loudest Silent Scream “Loudest Silent Scream”

42x28,5 cm, marker, 2018

Going for coloring “Going for coloring”

Marker, 2018, 42x29,5 cm

Pictures of Agony 9 “Pictures of Agony 9”

Marker, 29,5x21 cm, 2018

Pictures of Agony 7 “Pictures of Agony 7”

29,5x21 cm, 2018, marker

Pictures of Agony 11 “Pictures of Agony 11”

Marker, 2018, 29,5x21 cm

Sweating again “Sweating again”

A3, 2018, marker

Sweating “Sweating ”

A3, 2018, marker

High Flyer “High Flyer”

A4, 2018, marker

No name yet “No name yet”

March, 27th, 2020
It is coming some how already, A3 or A2

Lines, practise “Lines, practise”

Practised lines a bigger paper, 42x63, because there problems, a year ago right side hemioharesis, marker is good for drawing, March, 27th, 2020

Family “Family”

A drawing with marker, if I remember right on A2-size in March, 2020

Untitled so far “Untitled so far”

Marker in March 2020, on size 42x29

An of the first after brain damage on february 2019 “An of the first after brain damage on february 2019”

Drawed at hospital. Soon after that home...21x29 cm

Time “Time”

Marker, 42x59 cm

Corona “Corona”

21x29, marker

Time after Time “Time after Time”

42x59 cm, marker

Birth “Birth”

42x59 cm, marker

Untitled a “Untitled a”

42x59 cm, ma r k e r

Practise “Practise”

2020, marker

Aaa “Aaa”


Dance “Dance”

29x21, marker

1 “1”

42x59, marker

B&W, Marker and Charcoal 2017

It Surely Came “It Surely Came”

Marker, 2017 (A5?)

Capi “Capi”

Charcoal, 29,5x21, 2017

Dropping Pieces “Dropping Pieces”

2017, ask more, ...

Highly Talented “Highly Talented”

Charcoal, 29,5x21, 2017

Fortunate Man “Fortunate Man”

Charcoal, 2017, 42x29,5 cm

Eyes Sadly Open “Eyes Sadly Open”

Marker, 42x29,7, 2017

Käpy “Käpy”

242x29,5, charcoal, 2017

171208 “171208”

Marker, 2017

What Did Ya Say “What Did Ya Say”

Charcoal, 25x20, 2017

Injured “Injured”

Charcoal, 42x29, 2017

King of Local Pub “King of Local Pub”

Charcoal, 42x29, 2017

Working Class Hero “Working Class Hero”

Charcoal, 42x29,5, 2017

Suomi Finland 100-4 “Suomi Finland 100-4”

Charcoal, 42x29,5, 2017

Bored Dead “Bored Dead”

M ~arker, 2017

Paper Works Color 2018-

Wonder Person “Wonder Person ”

29,5x21 cm, marker

Abstract 180514 “Abstract 180514”

Marker, 29,5x21 cm

All the way “All the way”

Marker, 42x29,5 cm

Half past Morning “Half past Morning”

Marker, 59x42 cm

Sleepless “Sleepless”

42x29,5 cm, marker

The World s End “The World s End”

42x40 cm, marker

Low Man s “Low Man s ”

42x29,5 cm, marker

Manic “Manic”

42x29,5 cm, marker

Abstract 180704 “Abstract 180704”

Marker, 42x59,5 cm

Shaman “Shaman”

Marker, 42x29,5 cm

Vibes “Vibes”

Marker, 42x29,5 cm

1807 “1807”

Marker, 42x29,5 cm

Relic “Relic”

Marker,42x29,5 cm

In the End “In the End”

Marker, n42x29,5 cm

Sorrow “Sorrow”

Marker, 42x29,5 cm

And-       Cut “And- Cut”

Marker, 42 x29,5 cm

The Loudest Silent Scream “The Loudest Silent Scream”

A3, 2018, mixed media

Real Thing “Real Thing”

A3, 2018, mixed media

Sweet Agony “Sweet Agony”

37,5x27,5 cm, 2018, mixed media

Fragments “Fragments”

A3, 2018, mixed media

God of War “God of War”

32,5x25,5 cm, 2018, mixed media

A Day After “A Day After”

A4, 2018, mixed media

Teacher “Teacher”

A3, 2018, mixed media

I Find the Way Kaipaus “I Find the Way Kaipaus”

2018, A5, mixed media

In the Evening “In the Evening”

A3, 2018, mixed media