Salli Babbitt

Salli is a Golden Paints artist educator. She has taught abstract art for over 30 years. Salli is making “how to” teaching videos for her video line Must Love Art. Salli is currently displaying her works at Mecox in River Oaks, Alyson Jon in the Rice University area, Disegno Art Consulting and the Silos #123 in the art district. She is an official Corporate vendor for the Gables Luxury Apartments in Houston, Dallas and Colorado. She occupies a teaching studio at Art Supply on Main Street in Houston as well as her own studio in San Leon, Texas. She also teaches encaustics which is the process of painting with beeswax and pigment as well as mixed media . She also teaches found object sculpture.

Salli is a prominent artist in the Houston art scene. She has clientele from the corporate and International world. Salli has been honored by several institutions for her philanthropic endeavors with the following: City of Houston, City of Bellaire, Art League Houston and Bayou City Arts Festival. She is a board member emeritus at the Art League Houston.


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