Billy Beaumont

Born Paul William James Beaumont in Elland in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Present resident of Swindon, Wiltshire, UK.

Started out as a copy artist at the tender age of 6-8 years, replicating favourite cartoon characters of the time, moving onto realist art and a mixture of the two finding a love for design.

Moved to Southampton at 18 years of age achieving high grade qualifications in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Textiles, Ceramics and Photography at Eastleigh Art Foundation College in Hampshire. Being accepted at both Salisbury and Southampton Art Colleges achieving a Fine Art Degree and a National Diploma in Design.

Followed a career in the print trade for over 20 years establishing hands on skills to present day digital skills. Now working as a full time artist diversifying in all aspects of art & design.

Exhibiting locally at present, yet gaining recognition worldwide with a unique style.


Abstract Art to Make You Smile

Various abstract paintings created in my unique style.

Mona Lisa “Mona Lisa”

Mona Lisa with the enigmatic eye, painted in oils on stretched canvas. Sold to a private collector.

Sound Nymphs “Sound Nymphs”

Painted in oils on stretched canvas. One of a series of four, all used together in a design for a music festival promotion and merchandise.

 The Victoria Wall of Fame “ The Victoria Wall of Fame”

A large mural painted in oil & acrylic adorning the wall of a local music venue. A menagerie of famous musicians of the ages.

 Castle Garden “ Castle Garden”

A fantasy landscape in my usual style, painted in oils on canvas.

 Flowers on a table “ Flowers on a table”

An abstract still life of flowers on a table, painted in oils & acrylic on a stretched canvas.