Regina Merta

Regina Merta

Location: Austria

Regina Merta - Studio
International fine art artist / painting with own studio. was born in Vienna.
Early she discovered her passion for art.

The artist is a member of professional art associations IG Bildende Kunst, Berufsvereinigung der Bildenden Künstler,, Bildrecht, Biennale Austria and International Associaten of Art.
and was artist from August 2009 at

The art from Regina Merta was repeatedly highlighted as excellent.

Artworks from Regina Merta were shown and presents at lots of international exhibitions in Galleries, Museums, Art fairs, Art Auktionen, Charities i.a. in Berlin (D), Zürich (CH), Miami (USA), Shanghai China), Museum Spazio Klien Borgo Valsugana (I), Venedig (i.a. 2015 as part of Biennale) (I), Paris (F), New York City (USA),
and i.a. in Vienna ( Kunsthaus Wien Museum Hundertwasser, Künstlerhaus Wien, Museumsquartier Wien, Atelierhaus der Bildenden Künste Wien, Altes Rathaus Wien, Galerie Palais Palffy (Phantastenmuseum), Kunstsalon Schönbrunn,, Haus Wittgenstein, Palais Ferstl and Galleries, as well as in Austria i.a. in the cities Graz, Linz, Tulln (i.a. Museum Minoritenkloster), Schloss Atzenbrugg, Innsbruck(Gallery and i.a. Art Innsbruck 2011 und 2012)

The confrontation with the wonder human, the mystery of life, the elements, the universe, the life cycle, the totality and the relationship of nature, the strength of spirit, the delicacy of the soul and the warmth of love are all expressed in her creative, expressive, dynamic and versatile and works, which should inspire the viewer to re-think current approaches.
She expresses this in a variety of techniques, such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, red chalk, graphit and mixed media.

Catalogs from Regina Merta in german and english.
Projects of Regina Merta are nominated by IG Kultur Vienna 2010, 2012(Metamorphose), 2014(Kontraste) and 2016 (Parallelwelten) with catalogs.
Some artworks are owned by art collectors.


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