Ian Laws

Ian Laws

Location: Australia

I am self taught, Art has played a huge part in helping me to live more comfortably with my anxiety and OCD problems, it takes me away to another place where I feel calm, peaceful and untroubled by all the thoughts that can make life difficult, I was encouraged to apply to the Australian National University School of Visual Art and much to my amazement was offered a place, I studied textiles and painting and have continued with my Art ever since. Art is such a deep part of myself I cant imagine my life without it, Ian.


meseti 22

Painting/digital mix

Mudo “Mudo”

Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20

Pone “Pone”

Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20

stitch “stitch”

painting-digital mix

dr “dr”

fine pen design on paper

img “img”

fine white pen on black paper design

sekalekeketo “sekalekeketo”

digital/photography mixed media

akdakalan “akdakalan”

digital abstract

bafiwr “bafiwr”

digital image

face-it “face-it”

acrylic on canvas

spima “spima”

acrylic on canvas 16 x 20

afan “afan”

acrylic on canvas with digital effects

sew “sew”

wool sewn onto hard card in frame

frozii “frozii”

acrylic on canvas with digital effects

bub “bub”

fine pen on paper with digital bubbles

abott “abott”

mixed media, fine pen on paper with digital background

fost “fost”

mixed media photography and digital mix

deta “deta”

acrylic on canvas abstract 24 x 20 inches

bvmmm “bvmmm”

Digital/acrylic on canvas mix

acobl “acobl”


lapa2 “lapa2”

acrylic on canvas size-75cm x 60 cm or 29 x 23 inches

tri3 “tri3”

fine pen on hardcard12 x 12 inches

kfig “kfig”

mixed media, acrylic on canvas with digital effects

arrt1 “arrt1”

fine black pen on paper design

pade2 “pade2”

acrylic on canvas abstract

sk “sk”



My Art

hest “hest”

Photograph,digital manipulation

ks “ks”

photograph of backyard birdbath water reflection uploaded and layered on top of one of my acrylic on canvas paintings
using eraser tool i let the background painting come through the gaps in the tree reflections in the water

ti “ti”

Reflection in water,digital

orblcheck “orblcheck”

acrylic on canvas painting,abstract

wouhouzboo “wouhouzboo”

digital, painting mix