Mariam Aljumah

About Me
Born in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia 1980
Teacher of Art Education
Bachelor of Art Education with Distinction honors King Saud University in Riyadh, 2005
Course websites design 2007
Cycle in the art of shaping and decoration of metals from the Ministry of Education, 2008e-Ahsa
Cycle in the art of printing 1428 (H) from the Ministry of Education, 2008 e-Ahsa
Course in Cooperative Education and Ministry of Education, 2008 H Ahsa
Cycle in the application of educational Alloab diagnostic and ideas from the Ministry of Education, 2008e-Ahsa
Course in methods and modern methods of teaching from the Ministry of Education, 2008 e-Ahsa
Cycle in the art Almakramah followed by the Ministry of Education, Al-Ahsa / italicized Department of Art Education
English Course – Newtech English Institute in New Zealand Year 2012
Course in English first and second level of the Berlitz Institute 2011
Coach Training Course - SB academy of arts Year 2015
Education activated Strategies - Ministry of Education Year 2015
Member of the care and youth-Ahsa Arts Department
Member of the group Fine Arts
Gsft Art & Culture Association
SB academy of Art

Activities and posts:
Participate in summer activities established Al Faisaliah Center Charitable Society Al-Ahsa:
Give lessons in drawing fine in 2002
Give lessons in the formation of ceramic and clay in 2003
Participate in the first summer the center of the Ministry of Education in Al-Ahsa supervisor program (Technical), 2006
Give a course in the use of oil colors Ahsa status of orphans sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 2006
Give a course Empirical Study of Fine Art in Al-Ahsa Training Center Year 2013
Draw in Public with attend Deputy Minister of Education Norah Al Faiz while visiting Al-Ahsa Year 2013
Personal exhibitions:
Gallery (E) in Riyadh, Shada Hall, 2005.
Gallery (half-dreams) in Damascus hall Russian Cultural Institute 2006.
Gallery (rhythms) in Al-Ahsa hall Amassi 2006.
Transfer Exhibition (half-dreams) at Qatif Social Service Center 2009

Trade shows and posts.
The second annual exhibition in 1993 Ahsaúah expressions e
Fine-Ahsa collective exhibitions in each of the past: 1997.1998, 1999.2001, 2003.2004, 2005 .2006, 2008, 2010 ,2011.
The third exhibition for the health of young people primarily Balrashid Mall 1997
Gallery artists Dammam Eastern Region 1999
Gallery Qudaih Qatif in 2000
Gallery VI, VII and IX of the Fine Arts group, 2002.2003, 2005
Exhibition of Fine Arts Festival National Heritage and Culture Balhanadria in the years 1422, 1423.1424, 1426 H
Studio exhibition accompanying the World Conference, King Saud University (future vision), 2003
Annual public exhibitions (24) (26) for the Department of Art Education at King Saud 2003.2005 e
Annual exhibitions for the production of female students at King Saud University in the years 2002.2003, 1424.1425 e
The first exhibition in the market place the popular Women's Palace of Ibrahim Pasha, Ahsa, 2003
Show the second and third Ckillat Forum Technical in Qatif in 2004, 2005
Gallery artists primarily in the eastern region Ahsa Intercontinental Hotel in 2004
Exhibition of Fine Arts, the common place-Ahsa, King Faisal University in 2004, 2005
General exhibition of areas primarily in Dammam, 2005
Gallery Ama presidential patron of Youth Dammam, 2005
Exhibition of the Conference of Arab States universities in Yemen, 2005
Exhibition of the Olympic Games under the banner (of Islam peace) held in Jeddah, 2006.
The second exhibition of the horse festival held in Jeddah, 2006
Exhibition hall luck in Riyadh under the title (appointed on the East) and transfer to the State of Kuwait
The first badminton competition Friends of Fine Arts in 2006.
Exhibition Ahsa, King Faisal University under the title (home memory) under the auspices of Al Faisaliah Charitable Society and the Association of Charity Land 2007
Competition parameters Art Education built-Ahsa followed by the Ministry of Education 2007
Gallery (door light) belonging to the Society to support cancer patients Sitter 2010
Exhibition poem and the painting of the Souk Okaz in Taif 2010
Participation of the workshop morphological exhbition (all producers) Mfg girl Association 2011
Participation of the workshop set up in the Palace of Fine Ibrahim Pasha (markets abandoned) Year 2011
Participating on 12X12 workshop prepared Aramco company in Al-Ahsa Year 2012
Participating 15th Group Art Exhibition Al Qatif Year 2015
Participating Alwan Gathering in the Eastern , Saudi Arabia Year 2015
 Participating Alwan Gathering in the Eastern , Saudi Arabia Year 2015
CONTEMPORARY PAINTING inThe Brick Lane Gallery - London
Certificates and Awards
Certificate of Appreciation from the free creativity contest for the design of gold in 2000
Fifth place in the competition for the care of fine young Ahsa 1999
Merit Award in the course of the Festival Dates, 2002
First place in the contest promising and promising in 2005
Merit Award from the gallery areas, primarily in Dammam, 2005 Shield of the exhibition of the Olympic Games under the banner (of Islam Peace)
Shield of honor of the exhibition hall primarily Profile Amassi -Ahsa under the title (rhythms)
First place in the works of art in the competition parameters of art education primarily Ahsa followed by the Ministry of Education
Fourth place in the competition for the fifth Artists Alckillat 2010
Many certificates of appreciation and prizes and in-kind


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