Kathrin Broden

Kathrin Broden

Location: Germany

Kathrin Broden is a contemporary urban art photographer.
Born in Düsseldorf (Germany) she currently lives and works from her residential studio near Cologne.
After the completion of her education at the „Rhein-Sieg-Art-Academy“ in 1999,
Kathrin started working as a graphik-designer. She concentrated her work on art photography around 2009.
Since 2011 she has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions.

With her photographic work Kathrin Broden leads the viewer to mysterious places, letting him steep into a world of decayed buildings. Focus of her work are „Lost Places“, abandoned and derelict mansions, closed hotels, dead barracks and vacated industrial buildings and amusement parks. She tries to capture the specific atmosphere of these places. With her pictures she wants to share her own fascination for these buildings with the viewer, exposing the special magic and the beauty in decay. The images are always a piece of contemporary history, showing a world in between yesterday and nowadays.

Website: www.brokatgrafik.wordpress.com

E-mail: brokat-grafik@web.de


Urban Art Photography

Black mould house “Black mould house”

(Luxemburg 2016)
Fine art photography on Hahnemühlepaper
Edition: 10