Beate Kaiser

Beate Kaiser

Location: Germany

To write about myself is quite a challenge. It will be a description of the moment, since I am always changing. The professions, I am trained in, just reflect one part of me.
My sense for structure and orderliness have remained from my time as a administrative clerk. As a physiotherapist, I studied the physiology and anatomy of the human being, which brought a huge sense of admiration for the miracle of life. In my schooling as a natural physician, I specialized in psychology and the trinity of body, mind and soul. This interest continues to be part of my life, where healing is a major focus.
Then I became a mom, and now have four sons. These four little miracles touched me so deeply, that it took all my time and space. They are my best teachers in all matters of my heart. Through them I got a different understanding of my own childhood. They showed me details of nature, its force and magnificence throughout the seasons of the year. I will always remain their mom, but my importance in their lives will diminish. I will let go of them step by step and will give them wings. Our four sons are our biggest treasure and fortune.
When I say "ours", I refer to my husband and me. We have been accompanying each other over the last 21 years. I am happy and thankful about that. On our journey, we were blessed with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. We stood side by side, and especially the hard times left their imprint on us. Some painful experiences we could transform, those created our inner strength and treasures.
I always learned, observed and searched for solutions and answers. It felt as an inhalation and an absorption. I learned from life and will continue to do so.
Now I stand at a turning point, and already took a step into the new direction. It is a gift to express all that is inside me. I exhale, I let go, I paint. I used to always paint for myself, for my parents and for my kids. Now I paint for everybody. That what I cannot express in words, this I paint to be transmitted and understood. It is the language of my soul. Out of the depth of myself it flows freely to be shown and to be manifested. They are dreams, feelings, visions of our universe as it is or may be. I am born as an Aquarius ( 27.01.71 ), in the age of Aquarius. It is the time of big changes. I am a human being of the future, I keep on moving ahead, because movement is energy that flows and that is life.
Beate Kaiser



Aquarell, Acryl




Acryl + Struktur

Biografie “Biografie”

B 80 cm X H 40 cm