Tatiana V. Favella


Equine Art

These are some of my pieces about Cowboys, Charreria, Bullfights and other Equine art themes

Luviano  Renteria Leaving the Town in 1912 “Luviano Renteria Leaving the Town in 1912”

This piece is based on an authentic photograph from the Mexican Revolution. Watercolor on Paper. 19"x28"


Title of the work: Rejoneador


Technique: Oil On Canvas

Look Ar there “Look Ar there”

Title of the working:Look Ar there
Technique: Oil on canvas

The Step Of Death “The Step Of Death”

Title of the working:The Steo Of death

Technique: Oil on canvas


Horse Between gulls “Horse Between gulls”

Title of the working: Horse between gulls
Technique: Watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 8.5x11cm

 Visitor Unexpected “ Visitor Unexpected”

Title of the Work: Unexpected visitor.
Technique: Watercolor / paper pressed in cold.

Suerte charra. Mangana “Suerte charra. Mangana”

TItle Of The Work: Suerte Charra
Technique: Oil On Canvas
Dimensions: 23"X36"

Nigth Games “Nigth Games”

title of the work: Nitgh Games
technique: Oil On Canvas
Dimensions: "X

 Bullfighter “ Bullfighter”

Title of the Work: Picador de Toros.
Technique: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 40.1X 60.1 centimeters.
Username: Tatiana V.Favella.
Type of work: (origin) Primigenia.
Year of Production: 2005.

The Pintos' Runaway “The Pintos' Runaway”

Title: The Pintos Runaway
Technicis: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 19x27" In

Others works

Cockfighting “Cockfighting”

Dimensions: 47X31"
Pseudonym: Tatiana V. Favella
Year of production
technique: Oil On Canvas
Author: Dra. Amparo Vasquez Favela
Type of work (origin): Primigenia