Ersilia Zaccaro Crawford

Ersilia Zaccaro Crawford Artist Statement

In 1954 I studied painting and Art Education at Hunter College and was much influenced by the New York artists teaching there: William Baziotes, Raymond Carter, Ad Reinhart and especially Robert Motherwell. For more than 20 years, collage has been central to my work. I find deep pleasure in using torn pieces of my old paintings, followed by the addition of discarded bark, hair, rope, yarn, musical notes, antique texts and more. My collages call for color to complete a structure that relates to time, timelessness, music, architecture, space, and natural forces. My process leads me to a place of deep joy derived from the knowledge that my work reflects my spiritual reality that all, myself included, are made of the same infinitesimal matter. Every painting is a reflection of my being and my hope is that the viewer may share this transcendental feeling.



I began collaging with Christmas gift paper and torn and used fabric on my figure paintings. Soon I moved away from the figure and diversified my paintings towards abstraction. Now I make my collages using rusted metal scraps, broken plastics, literally, what I step on, also, bark, twigs, seeds, sand and dried grasses. This year I am 84 and, yes, I feel the tug of mortality and immortality. In my work, I nod to transformations; and, in gluing each piece with some artistic sensibility, I rejoice.

Perle dal Mercato “Perle dal Mercato”

30 x 25, Acrylic Collage on Linen

The First La “The First La”

13 x 13, 2016, Mixed Media on Canvas

Palimpsest “Palimpsest”

28 x 20, 2006, Acrylic Collage on Linen

Etude d'une Sage Femme “Etude d'une Sage Femme”

33 x 31, 2015, Mixed Media on Linen

Rising “Rising”

20 x 16, 2016, Mixed Media on Canvas

Imagine “Imagine”

13 x 13, 2016, Mixed Media on Canvas

Tete-a-tete “Tete-a-tete”

30 x 42, 2002, Acrylic Collage on Canvas