Location: India

I'm new here, hope my gallery attracts people...Thanks for seeing :)



I tried making famous ,bloddy marry painting and tried to paint it into real one..Hope you people like it.. :)

_ Bloody Marry_ “_ Bloody Marry_”

This painting is done recently,by me.. hope it's done good, ( If you don't like it, then I'll try to make it more attractive next time )

_Flowers_image “_Flowers_image”

This painting is done on real flower basis, and half drawing on it. :)

Love_image “Love_image ”

This is sketch+drawing ...It was done from anime basis pic, hope it's atleast somewhat good :)

Flower_Pot “Flower_Pot”

I tried to make it attractive , by applying fabric paintings ... I made it 5 days ago, this painting is on A4 size page of a painting book, and I hope it's any better!

_sketch_of_lady “_sketch_of_lady”

This sketch was done of a famous lady..i.e.celebrity... Tried making real face of her, hope you get the clue of this lady :)

Mysterious_women “Mysterious_women”

Do you know , who she is? ..Probably...No?...Cuz..You can't recognise her, unless you knew..Well according to me...She's someone...But for you.. a mysterious women