Peter Binder

Peter Binder

Location: Ireland



Chains, chain of events, daisy chains, chain smoker (try painting that...), chain gang, in chains.

Chained, tied up, fettered, shackled.

Bonds, bondage.

Why in the world would anybody paint chains?

A lot of negative connotations there. They would lend themselves perfectly for some socio-political visual statement. Plenty scope there.

But this is about chains, visually, straight forward.

The actual chain used for all the images I found on the road, very pleased with myself. It's mostly hanging behind the seat on the tractor if not used for dragging stuff around or for making pictures.

Chains always held a fascination for me.

At once an extremely simple means of help and very basic tool, yet complex in the making.

Human made, ingeniously combining strength with flexibility.

Curiously rigid elements coming together as a pliable whole.

Visually attractive, stimulating and exciting.


Only a selection of works from the 4 Seasons' Trees is chosen to represent the variety within the series. - for all the pictures, and some details of individual pieces.

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