Hilary Hann

Hilary Hann

Location: Australia

Deeply involved in conservation and the need to balance environmental concerns with the future well being of poorer indigenous Africans, she travels regularly to East Africa to pursue her two passions … photography and the wild places of Africa.

The processes used to turn an original raw file into a work of art involve a long process of image selection, multiple layers incorporating textures and finally printing onto the finest available archival photographic art papers.

Several ongoing themes are in development including a range of landscapes, as well as her current conservation collection entitled "Consigned to Rock Art" which seeks to highlight the plight of several endangered species.

Images offered for sale have undergone a rigorous selection criteria by the artist herself, including entry into a variety of competitions both print and online.

Since 2010 Hilary has been awarded across the globe with Gold, Silver and Bronze as well as with Nominee status in a variety of competitions including:
Photography Masters Cup
Exhibitions without Borders
International Loupe Awards
International Pano Awards
South Australian Professional Photography Awards
Australian Professional Photography Awards
Finalist in the BBC/Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year
and is currently holding the title of
2012 Australian Fine Art Photographer of the Year
2011 South Australian Photographer of the Year
amongst others.

I can be contacted through my website


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