Rosae Novichenko

Rosae Novichenko

Location: Brazil

Featured Artist

15 years of carrer in fine arts, more than 50 awards and 90 exhibitions around the world!

"The politics can save the world but only Art transforms man." (Rosae Novichenko)

..."Brazilian born Rosae Novichenko is an internationally renowned con­temporary artist known for her innovative and unique paintings for which she has won numerous awards. An incredibly adept painter she is also multi-talented. Her oeuvre includes working as an active designer, poet, photographer, actress, and musician. She relates that “my painting is the fruit of the intimate proximity I’ve already had with music composition, poetry, dance and drama, which have in their gestural movement their power of manifestation….in this way my painting is born, due to a pure imagination, a strong emotion, intuition, gestural action, absolute con­centration, control and freedom– in a single moment.”...


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Flowers and Woods Collection

 Poetic Fragment “ Poetic Fragment”

acrylic on canvas 80x60cm - 2010
Private Collection, New York

	One more forest inside me “ One more forest inside me”

acrylic on canvas, 100x120cm - 2011

Flowers of the forest 2011 “Flowers of the forest 2011 ”

acrylic on canvas, 60x80cm - 2011

Dance of occult perfumes “Dance of occult perfumes”

acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm - 2009