Willma Redhed

Willma lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family.
She has loved creating art since she could pick up a crayon.

Willma's skills are valuable and have made a big difference in the companies where she has previously been employed.  One example is her collaborative work at Boeing. All airlines flying Boeing planes send their pilots to Boeing for training. Pilots from airlines around the world have seen her graphics and animations. In her own small way, working with a team, she has helped millions of people safely get to where they need to go.

Currently she is pursuing teaching acrylic painting to her friends.


Willma's Paintings

A collection of paintings using acrylic paints on canvas.

Snow “Snow”

A custom piece for a lady who wanted original art for Christmas presents.

Butterflies “Butterflies”

Another custom piece for a woman's granddaughter.

Dogs “Dogs”

A woman wanted a painting to be in memory of her son's dogs. I was happy to hear that it warmed her heart, the images were strikingly similar to the real ones.

Lamb “Lamb”

A custom piece. I love having a single lamb and a fence. It can represent so much.

Snowman “Snowman”

I enjoyed painting this Snowman that looked so happy about snow.

Cactus “Cactus”

I painted this at a local restaurant during their Paint 'N' Sip event. I gave it to my mother-in-law for her birthday.

Tsunami “Tsunami ”

As I played with the sky the calm blue sky colors changed to an enormous wave. It totaling cracked me up because I was going to paint a relaxing scene on the beach. Run!

Fireworks “Fireworks ”

I enjoyed painting this and learning a new technique; using a gift card edge to make a cityscape.

Octopus “Octopus ”

This piece was commissioned for an art class, and used as an example.

Jellyfish “Jellyfish”

I loved the Caribbean blue color that I used on the Octopus painting that I just had to paint the ocean again in a similar way. It reminds of snorkeling off Maui.

Doorway “Doorway”

I enjoyed painting this at a local vineyard.

Owl “Owl”

I joined in at a family painting event and enjoyed painting this fellow.

Jolly Holiday “Jolly Holiday”

My cousin's husband commissioned me to do a painting of their weekend home in my Gingerbread style. It was a Christmas gift to his wife. (See my Gingerbread section for my collection of illustrations in my Gingerbread style, using colored pencil.)

Solo “Solo”

A single bloom on a red background. First of two 24"x30" paintings. This commissioned piece now hangs in a charming B&B in Port Orchard, WA.

Duet “Duet”

Two blooms on a green background. Second of two 24"x30" paintings. This commissioned piece now hangs in a charming B&B in Port Orchard, WA.


These illustrations are mostly commissioned pieces.

Raccoon & Bear “Raccoon & Bear”

A friend requested a Raccoon and a Bear to represent her daughter and son-in-law when they got married.

Eglon Church “Eglon Church”

My church wanted original art for our phone directory. This represents the front face of our church.

Melanie “Melanie”

My oldest daughter when she was 6 months old.

Ducks in a row “Ducks in a row”

This was sketch art for a project connected to a baby shower.

Chair “Chair”

This is a custom illustration for a friend's business.

The Gingerbread Collection

These illustrations are done with colored pencils. I enjoyed making these "real" places fattening.


Helped a friend produce a logo for their business.


Sweet Train “Sweet Train”

I actually baked and decorated this train cake. The printshop I worked for wanted original art for a Holiday card. So I painted a watercolor of the cake. Then we ate the cake.

Fenced Cows “Fenced Cows”

I love fences. Boundaries keep us safe. These cows stay safe until they're put in the freezer.

Bakery “Bakery”

While enjoying a cup of coffee, I painted my surroundings.

Shipping Lane “Shipping Lane”

A walk down my lane. In real life the lane has gravel.