Lubov Gurovich

Lubov Gurovich

Location: Israel

Lubov Gurovich, born in Sankt-Petersburg (Leningrad), USSR.
Graduated from Art College in Leningrad.
1993- repatriated to Israel, currently live in Petach Tikva.
A member of the Israeli Professional Artists’ Association
Works are in private collections in Israel, Russia, Germany, France, U.S.
I'm abstract painter.
The abstract expands human consciousness. The painting that I consider completed is a painting that inspires a sense of harmony. That sense is like a melody in which every accord is in its right place. I consider the abstract to be the most “capricious” and unpredictable form of art, because a good abstraction is rare and it cannot be artificially called into existence. Same as music, really.


Works from 2013

The Bridge “The Bridge”

cardboard, oil, 62x73, 2013

The Smoker (Leon) “The Smoker (Leon)”

paper, sauce, 70x50, 2013

The Smoker “The Smoker”

paper, sauce, 70x50, 2013

Foam board 15 “Foam board 15”

acrillyc, collage, 68,5х48,5, 2013

Composition on paper 2015(3) “Composition on paper 2015(3)”

acrylic, collage, 35х50, 2015

Diptych «The Sail» “Diptych «The Sail»”

cardboard, acril, collage, 115х60, 2015

Foam board 2015(2) “Foam board 2015(2)”

acril, collage, 30x40, 2015

Foam board 2015(4) “Foam board 2015(4)”

acrillyc, collage, 36х50

The Fish “The Fish”

foam board, acril, 30x40, 2015

The Smoker (2015), “The Smoker (2015), ”

paper (А-4), sauce