Chris Van Dijk

Chris van Dijk

Location: France

Romantic Impressionist at Gallery France

"What matters more than anything to me is art. I am in art as one is in religion".
Since he remembers himself, Chris always was drawing, painting from any material he could land his hands on. From the age of 32 Chris was an art dealer in 19th and 20th century paintings till the year 2002 after that he opened his own art gallery in 2003 in the Dordogne, France. His gallery represented some of the finest living Artists in the world and he sold their works of art to an international public who were visiting one of the most beautiful villages of France, Beynac et Cazenac.

Nearly whole his life Chris was painting as a hobby but in 2013 everything changed and he decide to go on as a a professional painter in the south of France. ​
You can find his romantic paintings in art collections all over the world.