Arthur Koch

Arthur Koch was born in Miami Florida and has been living and working in the Bay area for 30 years as a photographer and digital artist/animator. He earned a BFA in Painting and Photography at Columbia College and continued his studies in at the Academy of Art, SFSU, and CCSF. His background in painting and illustration influence his approach to photography with a foundation in composition, color theory, and visual communication. Working as a 2D/3D digital artist has kept him up to date with technology exposing him to digital photography and editing.
His passion lies mainly in food and fashion with a weakness for sunsets and panoramas. He enjoys documenting San Francisco’s many cultural events and street fairs. When he isn’t shooting by day, he is walking around the city at night, especially when it rains, to capture San Francisco’s charm and character.
“It’s all about light. Light is the common denominator in all of my work from drawing with little squares of light (pixels), to capturing light with my camera and painting. The quality of light, composition and interpretative style can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Seeing beauty in the simplest things and expressing my vision through art enriches my life and those around me.” -Art Koch
When he is not taking and editing photos he is outside painting landscapes, cooking something fresh (and photographing it) exercising, or dancing to cherish every moment.



This is a series of figure studies exploring the transformation of spirit and emancipation of the mind. It explores the human predicament and our struggle to break free of our suffering through artist expression.

Blow Back “Blow Back”

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
-Pablo Picasso
Model:Aaron Simunovich
Photographer: Arthur Koch
Production: #LittleBoxesTheater

Falling Star “Falling Star”

And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. DSC_4748_Arthur Koch

Soaring Angel “Soaring Angel”

Truth is not a matter of fact but a state of harmony with progress and hope. Enveloped only in its wings will we ever soar to the promise of our greater selves. Bryant H. McGill
Photographer: Arthur Koch DSC_4628
Production: #LittleBoxesTheater

Sinking Deep “Sinking Deep”

Wrapped within the arms of heaven
In a peace that lasts forever
Sinking deep
In mercy's sea
Model:Aaron Simunovich
Photographer: Arthur Koch
Production: Little Boxes Theater

Emancipate Yourself “Emancipate Yourself”

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
-Bob Marley
Model:Aaron Simunovich
Photographer: Arthur Koch
Production: Little Boxes Theater

Ascension “Ascension”

1 John 5:8
the Spirit, the water, and the blood--and these three are in agreement.
Model:Aaron Simunovich
Photographer: Arthur Koch
Production: Little Boxes Theater