Acy Marinez

Asy Marinez is a Spiritual Artist.She is German.Now she lives in Miami,Florida.By her basic education she is a Landscape designer.For many years she was a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in Hollywood,but in the last period of her life Acy returned to her lovely painting which was always her favorite occupation right from birth.
Acy Marinez is a student of an internationally famouse mystic Artist Maitreya(USA),who gave her not only a unique technique of painting,but - what is more important (!) -he initiates her in the Teaching of Sacral Way...A visual rezult of this direction comes from special dreams,meditations and visions.The paintings of Acy Marinez show a high level of tranquility and deepest contemplation...


The nephritic excitement

(12"x16") Acrilic/Paper,2008

The nephritic excitement “The nephritic excitement”

(12"x16") Acrilic/Paper,2008

The Spirit of Acy “The Spirit of Acy”

(16"x12") Acrilic/Paper,2007

In the Night “In the Night”

(12"x16") Oil on canvas,1999

A Vision of Izida and Athena “A Vision of Izida and Athena”

(12"x9"), Acrilic/Paper,2003

The Light “The Light”