Rob Miller

I am the resident artist at the Lingholm Estate, Portinscale, Keswick, Cumbria. The Estates main house was the holiday home of Beatrice Potter. My portfolio details the making of studies and paintings including the commission of two large triptychs.

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my paintings, wherever I am comes from walking through the land and painting on location. These organic experiences present me with a whole array of emotions and information which allows me to identify closely with a place or a moment. For me painting is akin to poetry, each brush mark or line, I borrow from nature, wrought from an observation like a line, a note or a word in a stanza; even a short walk can result, if everything is right, in a whole body of work almost as a poem or a meditation.


Lingholm Estate Derwentwater Fells Sepia Paintings

Lingholm Sketch Book Diary 2016

Despite the tight time table I had a significant feeling of adventure and history during those months at Lingholm. I woke at 7am I went down from the Skiddaw Suite into my studio with the winter suns rays flickering across Derwentwater. Taking my sketch book I'd follow in Beatrice Potters footsteps to the Lake side and an unchanged view of Herbert's Island. On return after breakfast I got my painting gear together and row out to the Lingholm Islands; making paintings of Derwentwater's wooded foreshore with Causey Pike and Catbells, a hazy Borrowdale and the glowing Skiddaw massif.”

The work began in ernest s producing a series of thumb nail sketches followed by a series of paintings in sepia

Lingholm South Falcon Crag “Lingholm South Falcon Crag”

Acrylic sepia on paper

Lingholm South eagle Crag “Lingholm South eagle Crag”

Acrylic sepia on paper

Lingholm North Catbells “Lingholm North Catbells”

Acrylic Sepia on paper

Lingholm North Causey Pike “Lingholm North Causey Pike”

Acrylic Sepia on paper

Lingholm Thumbnails 1 “Lingholm Thumbnails 1”

Watercolour on paper

Lingholm Thumbnails 2 “Lingholm Thumbnails 2 ”

Watercolour on paper

Lingholm Triptychs

The Derwentwater Fells

This portfolio features two paintings of Derwentwater and the surrounding fells presented in the form of two triptychs

The Lakes . Derwentwater Paintings South Wall comprises on the left Lamorna Falls, centre Kirk and Great Fell Gable with Castle Crag at the fore and Goat Crag on the right

The Lakes . Derwentwater Paintings North Wall comprises of Causey Pike on the left, centre of Skiddaw Grey Screes and others with Catbells on the right.

Both Lake District two tryptych paintings stand above the carved oak walls at either end of the magnifiscent Lingholm Stone Room. This room was the focal point for the first Lord Rochdales refurbishment of the Victorian Lingholm. Both paintings replace the old tapestries that hung in the same position for the last 100 years. These Lakeland paintings convey a scene of typical autumnal brightness that is common in the Vale of Keswick. The airy light nature of the paintings capture the fells in a silver light rising above a shimmering Lake Derwentwater. They truly let the wider fells into the room and make the viewer aware of Lingholms wonderful position in the heart of the Northern and North West Lake District.

Seascapes - coast

Coast , in specific the west coast of Britain from the rocky Western Isles down to the wide open silver sands of my home county of Lancashire has been a source of inspiration and exploration for me over 40 years.