Olivia Pegoraro

Olivia Pegoraro

Location: Italy

www.oliviapegoraro.com or www.oliviapegoraro.beepworld.it

OLIVIA PEGORARO was born in Schio (VI) in 1975. She completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in 1999 dedicating her thesis to engraving techniques. Subsequently she obtained a brief specialization on the H.Goetz techniques at the Atelier Aperto of Venice and in the two-year period 2000-2002 obtained the title of Engraver-Printer at the Foundation and the International School "Il Bisonte" of Florence directed by Rodolfo Ceccotti, where you buy bag of study in the second year of the course.
Since 2003 she has taught artistic disciplines and in 2007 she founded the cultural association "La Piccola Scuola d'Arte " of Piovene-Rocchette (VI), continuing its exhibition activity in Italy and Europe,
getting different prizes and awards. From 1996 to today he has recorded and printed on his own 250 plates, obtained with all intaglio techniques, even if it prefers etching, drypoint, soft-ground etching and free etching.
Many of his works are kept in public and private collections in Italy and throughout Europe.
He began to exhibit in 1992 and currently has everything active on many national and international exhibitions.
Among the personal exhibitions, we remember:
2019 Soncino (CR), “Tra chiaro e scuro” Museo della stampa. Edited by Marco Gobbato.
2018 Poppi (AR), “Luci e ombre” Circolo culturale Le stanze. Edited by G.Giovannetti.
2016 Este (PD), “ 20 anni di incisione: volti, figure e paesaggi interiori", La Medusa Gallery – Chiostro di San Francesco. Edited by D.Piazza. 2015 Thiene (VI), "Opere incise 1996-2015", Modern Art gallery. Edited by R.Ceccotti e D.Piazza. 2014 Urbino, “Non solo sguardi” F.Barocci Gallery - Collegio Raffaello. Edited by V.Angelini. 2009 Bassano del Grappa (VI).“Verso il visibile”- Chiesetta dell’Angelo. Edited by F.Casagranda and G.Quaresimin. 2007-2008 Soncino (CR), “Il segno e l’emozione” Museo della stampa. Edited by G.Trentin, R.Ceccotti, L.Bassignana,
G. Quaresimin and C.Giacomello. 2004 Firenze, “Olivia Pegoraro-incisioni” Gallery Il Bisonte. Edited by G.Trentin. 2004 Bassano del Grappa (VI), “Olivia Pegoraro” Incontri Scrimin Gallery.
Edited by G.Trentin and G.Quaresimin.
She is part of the National Association of Contemporary Engravers.



Engravings: Avril, Albert ,November, Mirea, Smoke, etching and drypoint 2017 published in International Biennial of Douro, Museum Casa dei Carraresi, Museum D.Donati Perugia Italy 2017-2018 or other exhibitions in Italy or in the world


Faces  engraving “Faces engraving”

Albert, Avril, November , Mirea, Smoke

Faces engravings “Faces engravings”

Albert drypoint paper cm 70x50 published

faces engravings “faces engravings”

november etching and drypoint cm 70x50 published

faces engravings “faces engravings ”

Fumo drypoint cm 100x70 published Museum Casa dei Carraresi Treviso Italy