Carolina Nieto

Carolina Nieto

Location: Chile

Carolina Nieto borned in Chile 1971, she studied fine arts in the University of Chile and she has been making a life proyect call " The Circle of fire of the Pacific", with this proyect she visited Easter Island, Austalia and New Zealand looking for the ancient rock art and studing the aboriginal cultures she realizes that there is a natural connection of the soul and Nature that we can explore as contemporary beeings so her work shows what she have found in her internal experience, in her "daydreaming time", as the australian aboriginal called. In her study is coming the visit to Japan and hawaii to complete the circle of fiere.
She has exhibited in Santiago, Chile in gallerys and in the National Museum of Arts and internationaly in Melbourne, Austaralia and Wellington, New Zealand.
Actually she lives and work in Gracias a la vida lodge in the south of Chile.


Nature Godesses

This sculptures are made in stoneware ceramics and they where inspired by the femenine energy of the earth.

Godess of rose quartz “Godess of rose quartz”

materials: ceramic stoneware and glazes
dimentions: 1,60 mt high.

Godess of the rocks “Godess of the rocks”

Stoneware ceramic in gas kiln and clear cuartz

Maori Godess “Maori Godess”

stoneware ceramic with oxides and glazes.
2002 New Zealand

Godess of the bush “Godess of the bush”

Stoneware ceramic with glaze.

Godess of the water “Godess of the water”

Stoneware ceramic with glazes

Daydreaming my spitit

This sculptures are made in stoneware ceramics and they are inspired by nature

Crossing the Pacific “Crossing the Pacific”

wood, ceramic with melted glass and bronze

Couple “Couple ”

stoneware ceramic with cristal quartz and wool.

Godess of volcanic stone “Godess of volcanic stone”

stoneware ceramic and glaze.

Shell with duality of life “Shell with duality of life”

Stoneware ceramic with glaze

Seed “Seed”

Stoneware ceramic with glaze

Shell “Shell ”

stoneware ceramic with glaze.