Leonora De Lange

I am a versatile artist working in various mediums and a wide variety of subject matter. I am also a miniaturist, being a member of MASSA, MPSGS (USA) and HS (UK). I have won several awards for my miniatures at various societies in the USA and in Bangladesh and was a finalist in the Hahnemuhle calendar competition in 2016. I have a B.A Fine Arts degree, and achieved Associateship of the Watercolour Society of South Africa, which unfortunately no longer exists. I am happy to take commissions.



Watercolours are one of my favourite mediums. I love the fluidity and effects which can be created only with watercolours.

Give the Stick! “Give the Stick!”

using photos of my children when they were little, and a photo taken in Cape Town I created this watercolour of Blouberg beach looking at Table Mountain. 260 x 220 mm unframed $ 280

Desert Roses in a blue Pot “Desert Roses in a blue Pot”

These succulents come in various colours of green and brown. I was inspired by the beautiful colours. Unframed $ 280

Confrontation on the Plain “Confrontation on the Plain”

I wanted to create a really dramatic effect, which you often find in the bush during a storm, and enhancing the confrontation of the Rhino and lions. Framed $ 650 unframed $ 580

It's Been a Good year “It's Been a Good year”

This was painted from a photo I took in the V&A waterfront harbour in Cape Town. 420 x 320 Framed $450 unframed $ 400

Bridge of Sighs - Venice “Bridge of Sighs - Venice”

This was painted after a trip to Venice, inspired by the fascinating city. 500 x 330mm Framed $ 680 unframed $ 620

A bridge in Venice “A bridge in Venice”

Inspired by my trip to Venice. This is watercolours painted on gesso. Framed $ 500 unframed $470

Sunny Day in Switzerland “Sunny Day in Switzerland”

I love Switzerland and wanted to capture the beauty of the snow on a sunny day. 550 x 400mm Framed $750 unframed $ 700

Friends “Friends”

I did a contour drawing of two friends, which came out quite well, so decided to put them onto watercolour paper together and paint them. unframed $ 700

Enigma 1 “Enigma 1”

This was a contour drawing which I used to create an abstract. Framed $ 600 unframed $ 580


I have painted in oils for many years.

Dam at Birdsong - Wakkerstroom “Dam at Birdsong - Wakkerstroom”

This painting was inspired from a visit to a friend in the little town of Wakkerstroom in southern Mpumalanga . Framed ( large and heavy) $ 900 unframed $ 800

Two Little Boats on Miljet - Croatia “Two Little Boats on Miljet - Croatia”

This painting was inspired on the painting Cruise which I lead to Croatia. Oils on board. framed $ 700 unframed $650

Little Boat Waiting - Croatia “Little Boat Waiting - Croatia”

Inspired on a Painting Cruise in Croatia. oils on board. Framed $ 700 unframed $ 650

Full Moon over Wakkerstroom “Full Moon over Wakkerstroom”

Inspired when visiting friends in Wakkerstroom, Oils on canvas board 750 x 600mm Framed $ 800 unframed $750

Sunset near Lower Sabie in the kruger Park “Sunset near Lower Sabie in the kruger Park”

Inspired by a photo taken by a friend while visiting the Kruger Park. Framed $ 500 unframed $480

Rain cloud in Kruger Park “Rain cloud in Kruger Park”

Inspired by a photo taken by a friend while visiting the Kruger Park. oils on canvas board. Framed $ 600 unframed $ 580


Now and then I enjoy the challenge of creating abstract or semi abstract paintings

A touch of Red “A touch of Red”

A contour drawing was used to create the image and then transferred to black mount board and used pastels for the white and red. Unframed $ 450

Contoured Still Life “Contoured Still Life”

Inspired by a contour drawing of a still life. Pastels on pastel paper. unframed $ 450

Food for Thought “Food for Thought”

This is more surreal, or semi-abstract. Watercolours. 350 x 260mm Unframed $ 400

Line of Interest “Line of Interest”

Pastels on mountboard. Unframed $450

Mod Pots “Mod Pots”

Watercolours. Framed $ 700 unframed $650

Drummers and Singers “Drummers and Singers”

Watercolours. unframed $ 550

Iris Enigma “Iris Enigma”

Watercolours unframed $ 650

Floral Fantasy “Floral Fantasy”

Watercolours. Unframed $ 550

Reclining Colourful Nude “Reclining Colourful Nude”

Watercolour. unframed $ 550


Acrylics are very versatile and I enjoy using acrylics on canvas, paper and board.

Red Proteas “Red Proteas”

Acrylics on Canvas board. Framed $ 600 unframed $ 570

Yellow Proteas “Yellow Proteas”

Acrylics on canvas board. Framed $ 600 unframed $ 570

Poppy Pleasure 1 “Poppy Pleasure 1”

Acrylics on textured board. Framed $ 650 unframed $ 600

Poppy Pleasure 2 “Poppy Pleasure 2”

Acrylics on textured board. Framed $650 unframed $600

White daisies and lemons “White daisies and lemons”

Acrylics on canvas board, done with palette knife. unframed $ 500

White Rose Diptych “White Rose Diptych”

Acrylics on stretched canvas ( 2). $ 450 ( pair)

African pots and shield diptych “African pots and shield diptych”

Acrylics on stretched canvas ( 2) $ 450 ( pair)

Butterfly 1 “Butterfly 1”

Acrylics on stretched canvas. $ 250

Nemo and Friends “Nemo and Friends”

Acrylics on stretched and textured canvas. $ 450

A Home in Korcula - Croatia “A Home in Korcula - Croatia”

Acrylics on Stretched Canvas $ 450

Dinner in Split - Croatia “Dinner in Split - Croatia”

Acrylics on stretched canvas. $ 450

Evening in Korcula - Croatia “Evening in Korcula - Croatia”

Acrylics on stretched canvas. $ 450

Pencil and Charcoal Drawings

I often love doing drawings and I think drawing is a very important if you want to be a good artist

My Little Cat “My Little Cat”

Charcoal and chalk on pastel paper. unframed $ 450

Sitting Nude “Sitting Nude”

Charcoal on paper. unframed $ 500

Following the Matriarch “Following the Matriarch”

Charcoal on pastel paper. unframed 400 x 300mm $ 500

Family of Meercats “Family of Meercats”

Charcoal on paper. Framed $ 550 unframed $500

Giraffe “Giraffe”

Charcoal on paper unframed $ 450

Elephant Family on the Move “Elephant Family on the Move”

Charcoal on paper. unframed $ 500

Crouching Leopard “Crouching Leopard”

Pencil on paper. Framed $ 400 unframed $380

Baobab “Baobab”

Pencil on Paper. Unframed $ 400

Flower Study 1 “Flower Study 1”

Pencil on Paper. unframed $ 180

Flower Study 2 “Flower Study 2”

Pencil on Paper. $ 180


I have won several awards for my miniatures and enjoy the challenge of painting or drawing "in the small"

Opatija - Croatia “Opatija - Croatia”

Watercolours . Tone Glow Award - Bangladesh. 80 x 65mm SOLD

A Walk in the Forest “A Walk in the Forest”

Watercolours 90 x 75mm framed $ 300

Leopard Stare “Leopard Stare”

Pencil. 90 x 90 mm Framed $ 250

A Song for Venice “A Song for Venice”

Watercolours . First prize for Exterior and Architectural at MASF, USA 2015. SOLD

Ao Nang Resort - Thailand “Ao Nang Resort - Thailand”

Watercolours. 75 x 65mm $ 280

Baby's Photoshoot “Baby's Photoshoot”

Watercolours 100 x 80mm $ 300

Cape Winelands Cottage “Cape Winelands Cottage”

Watercolours 45 x 55mm $ 280

Cobbler Mend My Shoe “Cobbler Mend My Shoe”

Pencil. framed. 65 x 55mm $ 280

Daddy's Little Princess “Daddy's Little Princess”

Watercolours Framed 80 x 60mm $ 300

Inquisitive Lion Cub “Inquisitive Lion Cub”

Acrylics 30 x 30mm framed. $ 180

Look at the Doggy Dad! “Look at the Doggy Dad!”

Watercolours. framed 100 x 80mm $ 300

Roses for Gran “Roses for Gran”

Oils 80 x 60m oval. framed $ 300

Mixed Media

I enjoy combining mediums from time to time

African Wild Dogs “African Wild Dogs”

Watercolours and pastels 450 x 375mm unframed $ 550

View from a Bridge in Venice “View from a Bridge in Venice”

Watercolours and Pen. Framed $ 800 unframed $ 750

Inn in Haenertsburg “Inn in Haenertsburg”

Pen and Watercolour wash. Painted en plein air in Haenertsburg while on a painting weekend with my students. unframed $ 450

Elephant herd “Elephant herd”

Watercolours and pencil from " Big Five Series" Unframed $ 550

Lions “Lions”

Watercolours and pencil from " big Five Series" unframed $550

Buffalo “Buffalo”

Watercolours and pencil from the " big Five Series" unframed $ 550

Rhino “Rhino”

Watercolours and pencil from the " big Five Series" unframed $550

Leopard in a tree “Leopard in a tree”

Watercolours and pencil from the " big Five Series. unframed $ 550

Red Sunset for the Rhino “Red Sunset for the Rhino”

Watercolours and Pen. unframed 400 x 300mm $ 550