Jean-pierre Bratanoff-firgoff

Jean-Pierre Bratanoff-Firgoff

Location: France

Extract from an interview in ZOOM magazine - international edition.

.....Bratanoff is self-taught and as he himself says, his approach to pho- tography is that of “a tourist without a map”. As a result, his approach is instinctive, emotional and without fixed rules. His photographs are a mix of digital experimentation and formal minimalism. When you think you have understood everything, you realize that you still have a lot to discover. This idea can be summed up in the phrase Jean-Pierre likes so much, “the same but different”, and he stresses that “nothing is the way you remember it, if you continue to look at something it changes.”....

.... In answer to the question, “What is photography?”, Jean-Pierre responds simply, drawing on his French roots: “Photography ... is pure pleasure. When I see a lovely, balanced image, it?s like good food ... pleasure for the eyes ...”.


Under the tip of the Iceberg

Bondi Iceberg pool - Sydney Australia
The Swimming Club's origin dates back to 1929. Included in the constitution was a rule that to maintain membership it was mandatory that swimmers compete on three Sundays out of four for a period of five years.

all images are multi exposures done in the camera.


Buildings.... 3D art form. where space and light meet..

Multi exposures are done in the camera.

Invader in Paris “Invader in Paris ”

La Defense Paris

Curled in “Curled in”

La Defence Paris

Chapeau “Chapeau”

La Defence Paris

King of the forest “King of the forest”

Central Business District Sydney Australia