Victor Onyshchenko

Victor Onyshchenko

Location: Ukraine

Born in Chernihiv, Ukraine, December 1977.

Studied at T.G. Shevchenko State Art Secondary School and The National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Live and work in Kyiv.

Main Exhibitions:
November 2011 - "Gallery 24", Chernihiv.
February 2012 - Simferopol art museum, Crimea.
September 2012 - "Molodezhny" Theatre, Chernihiv.
Dec 2013-Jan 2014 - Museum of Arts, Chernihiv.
August 2014 - "Independence Day" exhibition in Central Artist House, Kyiv.
May 2015 - "Beautiful Ukraine", Chernihiv.
October 2015 - "Artists Day" in Central Artist House, Kyiv.
January 2016 - "Christmas exhibition" in Central Artist House, Kyiv.
June 2016 - "Memorial to A.I. Kuindzhy", Mariupol.
Aprel 2016 - "Easter exhibition", Chernihiv.
May 2016 - "Beautiful Ukraine", Sumy.
August 2016 - "Independence Day" exhibition in Central Artist House, Kyiv.
October 2016 - "Artists Day" in Central Artist House, Kyiv.
January 2017 - "Christmas exhibition" in Central Artist House, Kyiv.



Painting by Victor Onyshchenko

Works by Victor Onyshchenko

Pines over Dnieper “Pines over Dnieper”

Open spaces of Ukraine. Banks of Dnieper River. Transparent air, frost. Bright color in sunny day.
Oil painting, Canvas
Size: 90 × 70 cm (unframed)

Evening in Ukrainka “Evening in Ukrainka”

Industrial landscape. Coast of Dnieper River. Settlement Ukrainka in the evening. Cases of thermal power plant and railroad.
Oil painting, Canvas
Size: 90 × 60 cm

At the gulf on the river “At the gulf on the river”

Fresh spring landscape. Painted in Kiev at Rusanovsky dachas. First warm days this year.
Oil painting, Canvas.
Size: 55 × 45 cm.

Court yard in Sednev “Court yard in Sednev”

Winter plain-air in Sednev. One of beautiful court yard sheltered between hills.

Breath of spring “Breath of spring”

The nature wakens after winter. In the first warm days children play on the street, ride bikes. The city is built. Life reborn.

Evening on a meadow “Evening on a meadow”

Spring evening on a meadow. Near the Snov river. After gloomy day the sun has begun to shine. I have grabbed an easel and have written here such small etude on a cardboard...

Mezgirrya “Mezgirrya”

Carpathian landscape painted on plein air. Ukrainian nature. Depth of summer. Sun, mountains, meadow, river and city of Mezhgorye in the distance. A haystack in the foreground. Variety of colors.

Court yard in Chernihiv “Court yard in Chernihiv”

Court yard in Chernihiv. Quiet autumn court in historical part of the small town.

Embankment “Embankment”

The embankment in Kyiv. Church on the bank of Dnieper river. The bridge, cranes and buildings on a background. Seagulls fly over water.

Red buildings “Red buildings”

Spring landscape. Has become warmer. Red houses near the lake. Reflections in water. Rusanovka in Kiev.

Winter in the wood “Winter in the wood”

Winter forest. Old big oaks in snow. Frosty sunny day comes to an end. Silence and freshness...

Building a bridge “Building a bridge”

The picture represents construction of the bridge through Dnieper river. Evening. The crane and structures of the bridge depicted by silhouettes. Bridge building is still...

Evening on Desna river “Evening on Desna river”

Red decline over Desna.

Two River Banks “Two River Banks”

The blossoming banks of the Ukrainian river Desna.

Dnyper. Trypillya “Dnyper. Trypillya”

Bright colorfull landscape, grandiose Dnieper river and the ancient settlement of Trypillya.

Posnyaki “Posnyaki”

The small street around Poznyaki in Kiev. The old houses which have got lost in time when the modern city has already grown nearby. Wet spring weather.

Sunny Chernihiv “Sunny Chernihiv”

Day approaches evening. Very bright sunlights up the city and snatches out church, the bridge, the street from depth. Winter Chernihiv is poured by all flowers of a rainbow. Magic of color.

Court Yard “Court Yard”

Oil on canvas.
55 x 72 cm.

Zamok “Zamok”

Oil on canvas.
70 x 90 cm.

Korablik “Korablik”

Oil on canvas.
80 x 80 cm.