Jeffery Hall


Public works

Site-specific public figures

President of Belmont University Nashville “President of Belmont University Nashville”

President Bob Fisher and his wife Judy in front of the Fisher Performing Arts Center, Belmont University. 7 foot bronze

Stanley Caulkins “Stanley Caulkins”

Stanley Caulkins Founder of the Leesburg airport and 62 years owning and running Caulkins jewelry In downtown Leesburg Virginia

Skate park “Skate park”

Creating the 14 foot sculpture of skaters and BMX bikes doing various tricks. In front of Leesburg skate park Virginia

Bronze And ceramic

Bronze and ceramic works

Pearl driver “Pearl driver”

Pearl diver has sultry smooth skin set in a splash wave of Lucite acrylic.

Olympic fragment “Olympic fragment”

Olympic fragment is from the man series, Monumental Men. Inspired by historic monuments even decay can be beautiful. There is also a female series, City Of Angels