Alex Shimshirian

alex shimshirian

Location: Lebanon

Alex Shimshirian

Born on May 18th 1974, Alex taught himself the art of jewelry design at a young age. His never-ending quest to find himself led him to the great Master G.I. Gurdjieff, who´s teachings helped him shed light on his programming as a man. Alex wishes to materialize Gurdjieff’s 4th way system via experimenting with metals...

Sevag Shimshirian
Born on March 15th 1971 in an artistic family, Sevag took part in the jewelry making business established by his father, since a young age. Growing up, he discovered art through his interaction with the life around him, and learnt to channel the negativity he willingly takes on from others, by sculpting.

About ArtSun Shimshirian

ArtSun Shimshirian is a Beirut-based metal artwork company providing top-notch, tailor made services across all stages of metal design and sculpting. We create everything, from idea, to clay, wax, metal casting, cleaning, oxidation and patina.

Our extensive skill set and varied portfolio are the outcome of many years in the business, added to a profound love for art, in all its forms. We can support you through all production stages, from pre-production to delivery of your finished product. We do whatever it takes to turn your idea into reality!



By Alex Shimshirian
A programmed mind slowly unfolds, as a being evolves. Freedom feels near, as bars shatter – a new man is born.