Leidi Haaijer

Monumental Multimedia Artist, realising a diversity of projects in daily life. Check: http://www.leidihaaijer.nl/portfolio

Art and life are connected inextricably; both, including myself (as human being & producer), can not be separated without losing their essential form, meaning or the existing coherence. Basically the world and her daily reality can be reduced to one pulsating construction in which patterns and structures are playing an active role; it is a moving wholeness, a continuously changing volume. Researching the path of imagining this process, ~time~, ~scale~, ~location~, ~connection~, ~space~ & ~communication~ are important variable quantities; visualizations move from tiny little structures into concepts that cover (parts of) life.


Studio Leidi Haaijer


Overview of skills “Overview of skills”

infographic exposing skills of the artist