Rachel Rose

I was born in Los Angles California, to restless parents interested in saving the world. When I was 7 I decided I wanted to be a visual artist. My family does have a history with art, so my parents were able to tell me to study artists by reading about them and copying their work. I started with the comics, (especially Brenda Star), and moved on to Manet, Whistler, Turner, all the Art Nouveau artists. I learned bead weaving in Gallup NM when I was a kid. I don't have a drop of Native American blood, so I made something different from the rest of the class. As a reward my teachers asked me to come in after school and they taught me how to make a beading loom. In each place I've lived I've talked with artists and recieved book recommendations and technique advice.
My degree is a B.F.A. In painting from the University of Kansas. I have won awards for jewelry and painting. I love learning new techniques and I love to push the boundaries of techniques and materials. I strive to make each piece I make beautiful, strong and comfortable. I like each piece to move you emotionally and inspire you. I met my husband in college and we have five children. My family is a huge influence on me and I do think of someone I love when making something.


Bead weaving potifolio

These are paintings created on a loom with glass seed beads and nymo thread.

About Race “About Race”

14 X 18 inches. Four images of a face in different races. I used my oldest daughters face. Won a merit award. Used netting to connect faces. $1,000

American Statement “American Statement”

18"X24" $5,000. I wrote the poem about freedom of speech. It located at Nelson Atkins art museum gift shop in Kansas City MO.

Dyslexia “Dyslexia”

24"X 16". The poem is about dylexis. On a sea of words I am without a compass There is no North South East or West There is no right or left On the sea I am lost. I used crystals,pearls and glass shells to break up the words. These were threaded on before I started weaving. $5,000

Under the Chuppah “Under the Chuppah”

11" X 14" . Jewish wedding. won merit award Culture without borders. $1000

dreidles “dreidles”

11" X 14" $650 . Dreidle with Hebrew letters on them pieced together with netting. I've sold some of these and I need to make more. Dreidles are a top with Hebrew letters on them played during Hanukkah.

Fairie tales 2 “Fairie tales 2”

16" X 20" part of a series of fairies. $3,000

Dance of Language “Dance of Language”

28" X 32" This is about poetry. A poem is a dance of language each step is a swirl of word touching hearts and minds we dance an endless moment then our poem is done. This maybe part of a series. I want to do it again using different costumes.

Machismo “Machismo ”

11" X 14" This is also part of a series. I like peacocks. $1,000

juggler “juggler”

16" X 20" $3,000. This was a juggler at Renfest.

Dark dancer “Dark dancer”

16"X 20" $3,000. This was a performer a renfest. I like to do watercolors and pastels of these performers and I use the paintings to create the pattern.

Faire tales 3 “Faire tales 3”

16" X 20" $3,000. One of a series of fairies. Each one has it's one meaning

fire juggler “fire juggler”

20" X 16" $3,000. Renfest performer. A lovely man.

Sleeping Child “Sleeping Child”

11" X 14" $1,500. The model was one of my daughter with her teddy bear.

2 belly dancers with roses “2 belly dancers with roses”

I usually use the rose as my signature. 16" X 20" $3,500. This is at the Nelson Atkins art museum gift shop.

end of days “end of days”

16" X 20" $3,000 Poem about being elderly.

Blue moon 2 “Blue moon 2 ”

8"X10" $200. This is based on a Picasso print call 4 line converging. Part of a series

Blue Moon “Blue Moon”

This is sold. 8" X 10" based on a Picasso print called 4 lines converging.

Fairie Tale 3 “Fairie Tale 3”

16" X 20" $3,000. Part of the fairy tales series.

Rachel's watercolors

These are some of my water color paintings.

flowers with fish “flowers with fish”

still life flowers with a fish metal sculpture. 18' X 24" $300.

Roses and carnations “Roses and carnations”

Still life of roses and carnations very quick. 18" X 24" $300

entrance to the cemetary “entrance to the cemetary”

11"X 14" $250. This was done on my bike ride.

Wine and Roses “Wine and Roses”

18" X 24" $300. Very quick painting of things I enjoy.

The spice garden path “The spice garden path”

11" X 14" $300. This was done at the arboretum in Overland Park KS..

Around Mahaffi pond “Around Mahaffi pond”

11" X 14" $300. This was also done on a bike ride.

Cantalope and Plums “Cantalope and Plums”

11" X 14" Still life. $300.

Cherries,apples and a pear “Cherries,apples and a pear”

18" X 24" $300. Still life

layers of roses “layers of roses”

18"X24" $300 What can I say. I love roses.

Lovely flowers “Lovely flowers”

18"X 24" $300. This is a joyful painting.

Roses in a bouquet “Roses in a bouquet”

18"X24" $300. Still life

Tulips and flowers “Tulips and flowers”

18" X 24" $300. Still life focus on tulips

Flowers and roses “Flowers and roses”

18" X 24" $300. Floral painting.

Gestural kitten “Gestural kitten”

Very quick painting of Dr. Who as a kitten. 18"X 20" $300

Bouquet and wine “Bouquet and wine”

18"X 24" Very loose painting. $300

red and yellow roses with wine “red and yellow roses with wine”

18" X 24" $300. Still life

Roses,flowers,apples, and Ariel's fairie house “Roses,flowers,apples, and Ariel's fairie house”

18"X 20" $300. Still with whimsical sculpture.

marbles and flowers “marbles and flowers”

Still life with marbles and flowers. 18" X 24" $300

Lunch at the Park “Lunch at the Park”

32" X 28" This was done at Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park KS. The younger woman is one of my daughters. $2,000

Birthday roses and almond cookies “Birthday roses and almond cookies”

18" X 24" $300. I got these rose for my birthday. So of course I had to paint them.

Tulips at the temple “Tulips at the temple”

The temple is Beth Torah in Overland Park KS. Very quick. 14"X 18" $150

Choked with water lilies “Choked with water lilies”

Won 4th place water color at Stems. Painted at the Arboretum in Overland park Ks. 14" X 18" $350.

Rachel's jewelry

This is the hand made bead weaving and metal work jewelry I've made including:enameling,cloisonne,plique a jour, wire wrapping,filigree, and more..

B amulet bag “B amulet bag”

Amulet bags are a Native American tradition. You put your amulet in the bag and wear it close to your heart. It brings you good medicine,(luck). The technique is right angle weave an off loom Native American technique. The design is mine.

Topaz red heart amulet bag “Topaz red heart amulet bag”

Amulet bags are a Native American tradition. You put your amulet in the bag and wear it close to your heart. It brings you good medicine,(luck). The technique is right angle weave, an off loom bead weaving technique. The design is mine. They sell for $150

white and pink heart amulet bag “white and pink heart amulet bag”

Amulet bags are a Native American tradition. You put your amulet in the bag and wear it close to your heart. It brings you good medicine,(luck). These sell for $150.

Malachite swirl circle pendant “Malachite swirl circle pendant”

This is handmade with malachite cabochon,sterling and fine silver. Sells for $110

Pearl star pendant “Pearl star pendant”

This gorgeous filigree pendant was handmade with a pearl cabochon,sterling and fine silver. Sells for $110.

Amethyst star brooch “Amethyst star brooch”

This Lovely,filigree brooch is handmade with an amethyst cabochon and sterling and fine silver. Sells for

blue silver caged crystal lampwork earrings “blue silver caged crystal lampwork earrings”

These lovely handmade earrings are wire wrapped with silver plated wire,lamp work beads and roundel crystals. They sell for $40.

emerald and gold caged crystal necklace “emerald and gold caged crystal necklace”

This gorgeous handmade emerald green necklace is wire wrapped with gold plated wire,lamp work beads,roundel crystals. It sells for $150 at 22 inches $160 at 25 inches.