Corey Couturier

Corey Couturier is a contemporary artist residing in Phoenix Arizona who has developed a unique style of his own.

He enjoys making people smile with his art, but at the same time carry a more serious and deeper message for those daring enough to look beyond the humor.



Corey J. Couturier

  Three Crosses “ Three Crosses”

This painting is a mixed media painting with acrylic, crayon, marker, and other elements. It was started as a live painting demonstration and finished later.

The Red Bug “The Red Bug”

This is a mixed media painting done on a 24" by 48" by 3" deep wood panel frame.

 Wet Willy “ Wet Willy”

This fun piece is a mixed media painting.

A Fun Day “A Fun Day”

This mixed media piece is a mixture of photo manipulated background based upon a previous paintin and with painting in simplisic form to contrast technology and the simplicity of art. This piece is on a wood panel 24" by 24" by 3" deep.

Dance Walk “Dance Walk”

I titled this piece Dance Walk after a clip I saw on Youtube, a new form of excercise based on dancing while walking. It just seemed so appropriate. This original painting is based somewhat on my doodle art. Doodle Art, though, is usually random. This art is not random. It was done on on a 30"H by 20" by 1 1/2"D Gallery Wrap Canvas with acrylic and marker. I actually started this piece in 2011, but finished it in June of 2012. Sometimes I will start a painting but it doesn't totally come together til much later. If I try to force it, I usually end up frustrated. With this piece I was very patient, and I'm so glad I was, because the completion of it was a joy and pleasure, and even the name came at just the right time.