Ilse Heffler Hd

Ilse Heffler HD

Location: Germany

Thoughts become images, hidden things become visible. For the viewer, life, power and imagination are felt. Thus the art of Ilse Heffler can be briefly described.

Their creativity, their inner motivation for the reproduction of lived thoughts and deep, external emotions, are their hallmark. The artistic arc stretches from natural representation, through everyday life situations to surreality, giving the artist an endless variety of motifs. This broad theme of their pictorial ideas also opens up immense many different, pictorial composition possibilities.

Their structured, representational style of painting implies for them a pause, a process of restlessness from daily impressions, experiences and destinies. It always remains with itself, is authentic and draws the creative force out of its images, but their interpretation always leaves them to the viewer.

Her motto "You can not do everything but try everything" accompanies the artist in everyday life, also in her artistic vita and during the regular "clashes" with the pitfalls of the painterly techniques. However, she loves these challenges.

In her works, which she presented to the public in some exhibitions, dominate mostly first the form and the space, then the colors or techniques.
She uses acrylic and oil paints, mostly on canvas, takes advantage of Polychromos oil-based pins and Prismacolor Premier wax-based pins, so she likes to change from painting to drawing and vice versa. She uses the materials in an unbound, lively and spontaneous manner. The representation does not break - on the contrary!
Until the "representation" comes, the artist goes through a long process
The inner preparation, perhaps, of restlessness. Her still hidden "thought pictures", as she calls them, brings them only hesitantly, then convinces with an even less detailed sketches on the painting ground - to "convince oneself", as she says.
They are, therefore, practically momentary impressions after intensive internal observation, which then become realized in a fantastic, imaginative visual language.

We find in her oeuvre many different artistic elements, ornamental and filigree, figurative and floral in different formats. She develops poetic, soulful and humorous images full of meaningful meaning, on the basis of feelings and painterly impulses, always looking for beauty, light in the dark and positive energy. Her way of painting has something mysterious for the outsider: she loves the detail, then has a pronounced, absolutely perceptible attention and love to the imagined, from the grasped motives, the basis of her painting process.

We are entering into this dialogue! Overflows their numerous motifs and find here a skillfully detailed rose in a wonderfully discreet blue violet, there a landscape with trees, an autumnal avenue in quite individual manuscript and then again a proud cock or tiger.
The small series of their "clowns" does not leave a single negative idea: These sparkle with joy of life, stuck to us with their gaiety.

Then it becomes mysterious! In her series "Lady in Red" we see a seductive, always well-dressed lady, first in a studio environment, then even in an urban, surrealistic representation, but it is obviously always the same lady! Possibly autobiographical, metaphorical self-portraits!

Ilse Heffler's pictures are individual snapshots. The pictures tell stories or show personalities of humans and animals. Ilse Heffler, however, does not want to interpret, to admonish, or to spread messages - she just paints what drives her, what she remembers and what she wants to show. And it leaves the observer to think of what is appropriate, perhaps pleasant to him. This vibration of soul, of realistic impression and familiar feelings makes the art of Ilse Heffler interesting.

She is pure with her pictures.


My clowns

acrylic and mix media on canvas

Clowni the Funny “Clowni the Funny”

60x 80 cm; Inspired by the great and unique, the best of the best for me ever "Oleg Popw"

Clowni, the happy one “Clowni, the happy one”

42x 56cm, Mixing technique, on acrylic board

I love my clowns “I love my clowns”

A clown, rarely comes alone

Subject painting

Rainbow Chair “Rainbow Chair”

acrylic on canvas

50x 60cm

Fascination of Ancient Egypt “Fascination of Ancient Egypt”

mix media: Polychromos, pencil, carbon brush, ink and acrylic on acrylic cardboard

42x 56cm

Still life of other art “Still life of other art”

acrylic on canvas

40x 60cm