Francesco Palmieri

francesco palmieri

Location: Italy

Along with the formation of a musician who has led him to perform the current opera singer, he performs his studies of figurative art at the Artistic High School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
He attends international courses at the Raffaello Academy of Urbino Academy, but above all he has to attend to the frequent attendance of the most important museums, especially the Roman ones, where he has also been able to make copies directly from the original of the great masters of the past .
He recently dedicated himself to sculpture. He has exhibited his works in private and public collections.



sospeso “sospeso”

Trying a hermeneutic attempt of this work, I would like to refer to that kind of persistent "vocation" which has always appeared to me as an indispensable trait: to try to give superior, "mythical" dignity to what is apparently wrapped up in Vanity of daily necessity. So not the nostalgic description of an "other" world, but the attempt to reveal paradise or its opposite between everyday things and circumstances, an attempt that only art or mystic can accomplish. So the "concrete" possibility of dwelling a cloud and settling on the terrible and human faculty of falling.