Birgit Stern

Birgit Stern

Location: Germany


Birgit Stern was born in 1970 and lives in Deggendorf, Germany. She completed 1992 training as an advertising specialist with focus on graphic design and illustration. After working in some advertising agencies she runs since 2008 her own advertising agency named „Sterndesign“ and works as graphic designer and artist.

Birgit Stern is member of Mondial Art Academia, France

2017 selected ATIM´s TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2018, Arttour international magazine, New York, Kurator Viviana Puello
2017 Chevalier Académicienne MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA
2017 Certificate of Excellence, 22. Artavita Online Art Contest, Despina Tunberg
2017 Woman Art Award, MUSA International Art Space
2016 Recognition Prize – Palm Art Award, Art Domain, Leipzig
2016 „Prize Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi“ curated by Sandro Serradifalco
2016 CASANOVA Award „Venezia in Art“, curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo
2016 Kitz Art Award, Certificate of Excellence, Kitz-Art Gallery Kitzbühl

2017 WE CONTEMPORARY, MUSA International Art Space, Italien
2017 „Selection Académiciens 2017-2018“, MONDIAL Art Academia, Frankreich
2017 Artbook Woman´s Essence Show, Paris
2017 „Who´s Who in visual Art – 100 Top Fine Artists of our Day“ Vol 17, Art Domain Whois Verlag (April 2017)
2016 “THE BEST Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS”, curated by Francesco Saverio und Salvatore Russo
2016 Artmagazine Aug./Sep./Okt./Dez. 2016 “ART International Contemporary Magazine” by Salvatore Russo

2017 WE CONTEMPORARY, video exhibition, Art Ego Culture Center Spivakovska, Kiev, Ukraine
2017 WE CONTEMPORARY, MUSA International Art Space, Palazzo Velli Expo, Rom, Italien
2017 Premio internazionale ARTE MILANO, Vittorio Sgarbi, Mailand, Italien
2017 The Artbox Projects Basel 1.0, Artbox Gallery, Switzerland
2017 Bienal de Arte, international Art Exhibition, MEAM European Modern Art Museum, Barcelona, Spain
2017 Woman´s Essence Show, MUSA International Art Space, Paris, France
2017 Biennale d´Arte Peschiera del Garda, Italy
2017 International Biennale of Mediterranean ART – meART, Palermo, Italy
2015 Art Fair International „Artistes du Mondes“, Cannes, France
2015 Galerie Kalina Svetlinski, Regen, Germany
2014 DIALOG, Galerie Kalina, Kapuzinerstadl Deggendorf, Germany
2014 Schloss Thurn & Taxis, Seniorenresidenz, Regensburg, Germany
2014 Galerie Kalina Svetlinski, Regen, Germany
2013 Atelier der Kunst, Metten, Germany
2013 Galerie am Fels, Kallmünz, Oberpfalz, Germany
2012 Galerie Dürbeck, Straubing and Deggendorf, Germany
2012 Special exhibitor, exhibition Viechtach, Germany
2012 Galerie d`Art, le Castellet, France
2011 Galerie am Markt, community exhibition, Neubeuern, Germany
2011 Altes Feuerwehrhaus, Kunstverein Bad Aibling, community exhibition, Germany
2011 Alte Mälzerei, community exhibition, Pisek, Czech Republic
2010 Haus im Puls, community exhibition, Neusiedl am See, Austria
2010 Wasserturm, Dachau, community exhibition, Germany
2004 Galerie am Fels, Kallmünz, Germany


Artwork – Oil on Canvas

Birgit Stern´s pictures are positive and emanate enjoyment of life. Her favorite motifs are figurative representations, soul images, cafe-scenes and modern still lifes. Her images radiate a timelessness, at the same time they are of an unobtrusive but emphatic presence. As the depicted people present themselves, the viewer becomes an intimate observer of a scene, meets them in everyday situations.

Our world is defined by permanent restlessness and a high paced lifestyle in every regard – our minds are rarely conscious in the here and the present. Birgit Stern‘s pictures focus on the very moment when one is just that: Self-conscious, in the here and now and enjoying it.

Birgit Stern´s preferred technique is Oil on canvas. Stylistically, she explores the range between realistic representation and abstraction. Her pictures transmit calm, a positive atmosphere and an impulsive and lively effect. The flowing contours lend the pictures lightness and dynamics that characterize her works.