David R Taylor

David R Taylor

Location: Australia

Adelaide based (Australia) artist with local, national and international profile. Current bio to continued.


Mahattan New York Collection

These works inspired by my visit to Manhattan, New York in 2010 and are currently in the artists possession drtee1_phoenix47@yahoo.com.au

AvEA Window New York “AvEA Window New York”

AvEA Window incorporates the Manhattan ubiquitous graffiti tag and intimates the high rise apartment windows on the Avenues and streets of the city. I sensed the history and the lives that live and lived in the apartments. AvEA is my invent which I took from Ave One Avenue sign in East Village where I stayed in 2010.

AvEA Up Beat, New York. “AvEA Up Beat, New York.”

Feeling the Manhattan Impulse - the Up Beat the Heart Beat.

Red Path on the Highline New York. “Red Path on the Highline New York.”

Black Steel, history and energy on the old High-line train line in Manhattan New York. Now a historic relic wonderfully restored for ambling high in the ambiance of Manhattan. Mixed medium on stretched canvas and in the artists possession.


This portfolio contains works inspired from my homeland Australia and are currently on show at the Red Poles Gallery redpoles@.com.au

Norhtern Back Flow. “Norhtern Back Flow.”

Seaweed theme, with seaweed tangles and tides, shells and freshness.

Out Tide “Out Tide”

Tide in tide out: leaving twists of seaweed and sand runnels.

Sand Pond “Sand Pond”

From my Seaweed Series which celebrates the many wonders one finds among the weed tangle at the seaside. Mixed medium on stretched canvas.

Shell-Eye Puddle “Shell-Eye Puddle ”

Celebrating the myriad shapes and marks at the seaside made by the tides washing over millions of shells basking on the sand. Mixed medium on stretched canvas.

Moon Shadow - Back Lit Dune - Coorong Theme “Moon Shadow - Back Lit Dune - Coorong Theme”

At evening times in the Coorong - one stumbles on a play of setting light and approaching darkness where you are presented by tangles of shadow and fading light where you lose and connection or content as to what is in front of you. The shadow of the dune and the dune proper are not separated by an horizon. Mixed medium on stretched canvas. Currently at exhibition at Red Poles Gallery.

Split Fog Horizon - Coorong Theme “Split Fog Horizon - Coorong Theme”

Early morning in the Coorong and still lingers and the water edge and the sky share the horizon and the spit of land juts out just visible and appears like spear head creating a split - nature can be very abstract.

Earth Roots Totem - Coorong Theme “Earth Roots Totem - Coorong Theme”

Roots spear deep into the earth and draws up nutrients which in turn feed the earth. And one ponders this to be a hidden totemic. Mixed Medium on stretched canvas and is currently on exhibition at the red Poles Gallery.

Younghusband Porthole View with Sunburst - Coorong Theme “Younghusband Porthole View with Sunburst - Coorong Theme”

This spit of land (Younghusband Peninsula) separates the Coorong water Lagoons from the Southern Ocean and this area in South Australia is considered unique. The sun light bursts reflectively from the water lagoons as you sail over and peer through the Younghusband Porthole. Mixed Medium on stretched canvas. Currently at exhibition at the red Poles Gallery.