Sue Ela

Sue Ela

Location: Israel

Sculpture is a natural continuation of Sue's work as a psychologist and she examines different avenues of expressing the complicated emotional realm that she encounters in her work with children, couples, families and individuals. Sue's conviction that people have the ability to change and grow as individuals and in their relationships is expressed in the flow and movement in her abstract sculpture.
Based on her sculptures, Sue has designed a sculpture park which is experiential, interactive and encourages direct contact between children, adults and sculpture. Two of these interactive sculptures were built and placed in Modiin, Israel in May 2013.
Sue's abstract sculpture "Dance" was enlarged to two meters, casted in bronze and placed in the tranquil garden at the Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva in November 2014.
Sue has participated in various exhibitions in Israel, the United States and Europe.



Inspiration “Inspiration”

Bronze 100x 30x40 2016

Continuity “Continuity”

Polyester 30x50x40 2016

Peace Dove “Peace Dove”

Bronze 50x50x30 2013

Duet “Duet”

Bronze 80x30x15 2016

Dance “Dance”

Sculpture Garden Beersheva Israel

Reflections “Reflections”

Polyester 67x30x15 2016

Life Cycles “Life Cycles”

Polyester 50x50x30 2017