Mishel. Schwartz

mishel. schwartz

Location: Canada

“Reaching out through art, I explore nature in all its complexities; flowers in bloom, birth, death, light, dark— the opposites and the complements—all present in my mind’s eye.“

As a young girl, Toronto-based abstract artist Mishel Schwartz used to hide on the stairs that led to her artist-parents’ studio and watch them paint live models. This innocent voyeurism was the catalyst for a lifelong passion for the arts.

The journey began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in college, followed by a degree in Art History from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Mishel concluded her studies with a degree in Graphic Design from York University in Toronto.

After almost 20 years as Creative Director for a Canadian home furnishings company, Mishel took a leap of faith and plunged into the pursuit of a career as a working artist. She is emerging as a force on the Toronto art-scene, gaining recognition locally and branching out with international shows as well. In October 2019, Mishel was handpicked by a curator to show her works in the well-known Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Her primary medium is alcohol ink—a medium she discovered by exploring the art scene on social media. Intrigued, she began experimenting with the inks and slowly developed a technique wherein layers of colour are added and intricate details are then carved out of the layers, giving her work great depth and mystery.
These days, Mishel spends most of her time in her studio, working on various collections as well as private commissions and collaborations with branding companies.


Alcohol ink Painting

12 x 12"
Alcohol ink on cradleboard

The Colour of Spring “The Colour of Spring”

12 x 12"
Alcohol ink on cradleboard

Breaking Out “Breaking Out”

16 x 16"
Alcohol ink on cradleboard

Nature's Lace “Nature's Lace”

23.25 x 25.25"
Alcohol ink on Yupo paper

Softness In The Soul “Softness In The Soul ”

17 x 17"
Alcohol ink on Yupo paper

From The Ashes “From The Ashes”

Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper

Earth's Intelligence “Earth's Intelligence”

Alcohol Ink on cradleboard