Melita Gwerkova

Melita Gwerkova

Location: Slovakia

One of the Slovak leading artists. A graduate of the School of Applied Art, specialization in design and the science of art at Philosophic college of University Komenský in Bratislava. Member of the Italian union of artists of the House of Dante Alighieri in Florence. Her works are in the galleries and in private collections in many European countries, as well as in the USA. She is the first Slovak woman artist who was awarded the bronze medal of the Italian Parliament (2011). She gained this prestigious prize for her special technique called „extender media“. More information on

COMPETITIONS (selection):

– Special Award of the Infinity Art Gallery at Figurative Expo 2013
– the Bronze Medal of the Italian Parliament (2011)
– “The Prestige price of the city agence Porto Sant´Elpidio” (2010), international competition Premio internationale d´arte San Crispino, Italy
– 1st place award in international art competition in Rome (2009)
– 3rd place award in the 6th International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Art in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in the cathegory „experimantal paintings“ (2009)


Selection of works

Dreams that hide its face I. “Dreams that hide its face I.”

120 x 60 cm, extender media, 2017

Dreams that hide its face II. “Dreams that hide its face II.”

120 x 60 cm, extender media, 2017

Letter to a city “Letter to a city”

100 x 100 cm, extender media, 2014

Nothing is at it seems “Nothing is at it seems”

120 x 140 cm, extender media, 2015


105 x 70 cm, oil and mixed media

After storm “After storm”

100 x 100 cm, extender media