Ronald Santini

For me photography is a form of personal expression that evokes a sense of joy, discussion, a lasting impression, or discovery for those who view my work.

I started my photography journey during my time in the US Military in the late 1960’s. While stationed in Spain I purchased by first camera. My focused interest in photography started to blossom in the early 1980’s and took off with the introduction of digital photography. Digital photography opened many new avenues for me from improvements in equipment to post processing of images. As my professional career as an environmental scientist came to an end in the early 2000’s, photography filled the void and has been an influential part of daily activities since.

Building on my deep interest for the environment, my photography focuses on landscapes, wildlife, macro, conservation, and abandoned and historic buildings and locations. Photographing a stunning landscape, be it large or small in magnitude, capturing wildlife in action and in natural settings or telling a story about conservation or abandoned Americana is a wonderful, never ending journey. Being able to share that journey with others brings a sense of satisfaction and joy that keeps me fully engaged.

My photography has won numerous awards from local photography contests to national juried events.

I am a member of numerous photography organizations including the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA), Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association (CNPA).


The World Around Us

This portfolio exhibits my vision for conveying the wonders of the natural and man-made world around us in ways that will evoke a sense of joy, beauty, nostalgia, and and adventure that can be an inspiration for others to enjoy and follow.

Monument Valley “Monument Valley”

Looking into Monument Valley from atop Hunts Mesa, Arizona

Lake Moraine at Sunrise “Lake Moraine at Sunrise”

The morning sun casting a golden glow on the mountain peaks over Lake Moraine, Banf National Park, Canada

Calm in the Chaos “Calm in the Chaos”

Two Great Blue Herons calmly waiting for their next meal juxtaposed against the turbulent waters at Great Falls National Park, near Washington, DC.

The Trolley Graveyard “The Trolley Graveyard”

One of the many abandoned trolleys at the Trolley Graveyard near Johnstown, PA.

Millipede “Millipede”

A 72-image stack of a millipede

Fall Splendor “Fall Splendor”

A scene of the seasonal change in colors of North Carolina forests.